Types of Cheapest Flowers to Use in Your Wedding Event

Robertbrewerforda Cutting the cost of wedding flowers is often a concern for brides who want the elegance of flowers displayed at their wedding, but do not know how to save without cutting flowers from their special day. As a retired toko bunga jakarta, I can suggest that the first rule of cutting wedding interest is to choose the main flower carefully.

You want to choose flowers that will look beautiful, will coordinate with your theme or color scheme, will not have a pungent odor that will give you a headache on your special day and flowers that will look romantic and appropriate to the wedding. For this purpose, I have compiled a list of the top 5 flowers that might be perfect for your wedding while being aware of the costs of saving money on your wedding flowers.

Here Are Types of Cheapest Flowers to Use in Your Wedding Event

5. Rose Flowers

Not the cheapest of cheap flowers but definitely on the list because of the main role of roses as a classic flower of romance. This all-star in the world of marriage comes in most colors and even in two rose colors, stripped and tipped too. Although roses are generally associated with a strong aroma, not every rose is flavorful and even scented is not too strong. All of these reasons make the rose the ideal choice as a wedding flower feature. Of course, for your roses to be as conscious as possible, choose the popular long stem rose colors like red, pink, white, yellow or orange (in that order). Also, choose a bouquet of roses tied with simple hands for minimum labor and a modern look. If you want to save more money, make your own wedding bouquet. This is not complicated especially if you follow good step-by-step instructions written by the florist and if you make a hand wreath. If you decide to make your own boutonnieres and corsages, be sure to use sweet roses for a more elegant and durable look. On the same note, if ordering from a flower shop, make sure he will use sweet roses for your body’s flowers.

4. Gerbera flowers

If gerbera daisies are your favorite flower, you might want to choose this look for your wedding or for your special occasion. Cheap, funny, modern, easy and fast to work on, you don’t need to worry about being able to reach this simple flower bouquet on time if you decide to make it yourself. Gerberas has a variety of colors and can therefore blend well with any color theme. Even though you can easily choose a hand-tied flower bouquet for the bride and the entire wedding, you can also decide to have more elaborate bouquets for the bride including some other gerberas or flowers while your bridesmaid can bring gerbera exclusively. You have to provide a constant source of water between times when you or your daughter hold gerbera flowers. This can be an advantage at your reception in the sense that if you provide an elegant vase in the hall for them to place their wreaths when they get there, it can also decorate and add style to your reception. For boutonnieres and corsages, gerberas also come in miniature versions even though they are around 4 inches in diameter; This is the ideal size for body flowers. Just one per lap or wrist is enough.

3. Sunflower

Sunflowers are perfect for autumn events and look beautiful with hypericum berry or fall berries and other leaves, although sunflowers have several different colors besides yellow now, like orange, brown and rust; Going with yellow sunflowers ensures getting the healthiest and longest budget interest that will shine on your wedding. Sunflowers are perfect for hand wreaths. Bridesmaids can bring 3-5 sunflowers with autumn foliage, berries and accents tied with beautiful bows, while brides can bring more elaborate bouquets featuring 5-7 sunflowers (again too big) with 3- 6 falling roses, berries and falling leaves, tied with beautiful bows. As for the corsages and boutonnieres that will coordinate with sunflower marriages … even mini sunflowers are too big for body flowers. Instead, I would suggest a yellow mini gerbera with a new black or chrysanthemum center, preferably with a black center too.

2. Carnation flowers

Although carnations sometimes get bad rap as the cheapest unwanted flower, in fact, carnations are long-lasting, sweet-smelling without being too strong and easy to work with. For wedding elegance, I recommend using white or cream carnations if you only want to use carnations. If you prefer a mixture of flowers, I would recommend combining carnations with daisies and poms for a beautiful mix of flowers that won’t cost a lot and will have the appearance of wildflowers but will last longer and won’t wither in the summer (as long as they have water source) Mini carnations are the perfect size for corsages and boutonnieres. One bud blossom is the ideal body flower when combined with a touch of leaves and possibly filler flowers such as baby’s breath.

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1. Daisies and Pom Flowers

Often ignored because of marriage, I can’t imagine why. Pom is beautiful, durable and comes in various types and shapes. Daisies and poms are available in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lavender, orange and rust. They come in 3 varieties suitable for marriage: buttoned poms like small flat balls on top of the stem, flat poms look like the name and daisies that don’t need to be introduced. If you like the look of wildflowers, mix daisies with other types of shapes in a bouquet of flowers with leaves and leaves. If you prefer a more classy look, focus on the flat and button buttons. Bridesmaids can bring a round bouquet in a bouquet featuring poms, leaves and fillers while the bride can carry a multilevel or round bouquet with poms, roses, leaves and fillers. Groom, groomsmen and parents can wear body flowers featuring a kind of mother, daisies, leaves and fillers. But it was previously reminded that if some flower petals were pulled out of the main head of the flower, they would fall apart. In the end, daisies and poms will offer the best value and elegance for the lowest costs.


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