Tips on how to send orchids in the best way:

Robertbrewerforda – Orchids are one of the most popular flowers sent from person to person, home to home to express feelings of love, happiness and gratitude and sadness and sadness wherever they are intended. It does not matter whether it is only for your neighbors or your beautiful daughters who study abroad or special birthday orchids sent to your husband’s office. Oh, how touching.

The type, color, and longevity of an orchid reveal a specific message from the sender, which must be received in perfect condition because the orchid should be. ‘Saying it with an orchid’ might be the best way to express what you want to say in a conversation without words. The art of sending orchids to people you love or respectable people will be the most important if you want your message to be highly valued and clearly understood. Ok, before you send orchids, it’s a good idea to read reviews from the bengku Toko Bunga Bogor about tips on how to send orchids in the best way.

Here are some tips on how to send orchids in the best way:

# 1 – Choose the Right Type of Orchid You Will Send.

Color has many meanings. Choose the color or color combination that suits your purpose. For example: white flowers communicate sincerity and hope, and trust in pure love. They also represent goodness and truth. White flowers are also presented to symbolize a new beginning, such as a first date or a wedding.

Anggrek can convey the meaning of love, the impression of longevity, the beauty of a woman, the charm of adulthood, refinement, attention and hope for many children. Pink flowers, for example, express pure affection, while the orchid cattelya conveys mature charm. Also consider the type of orchid in terms of its adaptability to the climate and weather of the country or destination.

# 2 – Choose your Orchid Rank.

You have the option to send loose flowers or floral arrangements as well as in combination with other flowers. It’s good if you send orchids in pots that are proven to be well cared for by orchid suppliers, especially if you send them abroad.

# 3 – Consider Distance or Destination Country.

If you intend to send flowers abroad, check whether there are limits for your typical orchid or are there documents or permits needed? Transportation is a kind of stress for your orchid. Delivery time is another factor in deciding whether you can send your favorite orchid or send another orchid, because different orchids have different resistance to stress.

# 4 – Add Special Messages or Notes

Give a message or special note about orchid care from each type of orchid. You don’t want your orchid to die soon after it’s received, right? Therefore it is appropriate to collect information about the climate, weather and temperature of the destination country before sending flowers. Write a few notes about orchid care that are tailored to new conditions. This is also a practical guide for recipients, who certainly want to keep orchids healthy. Consult this with your orchid supplier if you intend to provide specific notes on orchid care.

# 5 – Appoint a Flower Shop That Has a Good Reputation

Appoint a reputable shipping agent, who has experience in shipping and handling orchids, and guarantees safety. Fortunately, you can find many suppliers who also provide professional shipping services for you. You can even designate them online via the internet. The advantages of shopping at these suppliers are practicality and simplicity. You simply choose orchids from their online catalog and choose a customized shipping package, and everything will be arranged for you, without touching or seeing the flowers you will send. The important point is to find a reputable orchid supplier.

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# 6 – You Can Also Consider Some Other Options When You Intend To Send Orchids To Someone Abroad Or Away.

First, you can ask for help from friends or relatives who live in the same city or country to send flowers to you. Or second, you can directly contact your local store to send your favorite orchid. Or third, just browse the internet to find the closest and most reputable orchid shop to your recipient’s address to order and send orchids.

Why bother? Now, that might be the way an orchid lover, who will do everything for his orchids to stay beautiful and healthy, and let him come in good condition who will stand before someone who is most admired and perhaps most honorable.

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