Tips on decorating a Wedding Bouquet

Robertbrewerforda – Marriage is a very important moment for everyone, so various decorations and accessories will be used to make weddings more beautiful and can be remembered beautifully during life. One part of the marriage that is very important is the bouquet of bridal flowers, while this object does not beautify the bride. This flower bouquet needs to be considered by guests, so the bride must pay attention to the flower bouquet that is used.

Here are tips on decorating a wedding bouquet

Tips for Decorating Bridal Bouquets Simple

To make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, of course you have to decorate it so that the bouquet of flowers becomes more beautiful and fashionable. If you don’t know how to decorate a bouquet of flowers and what needs to be prepared, consider some tips on decorating a simple bridal flower bouquet below.

Use the remaining cloth from the wedding dress

If you have a wrapping cloth from a wedding dress, then don’t use the wrapping cloth so you can use a wrapping cloth from a flower bouquet. This fabric will make your flowers more beautiful and fashionable, you can start decorating with a pattern that suits your taste. Allowed when making a wedding dress, you ask the tailor not to throw away the remaining fabric. In addition, the pattern of the flower bouquet will suit and match the dress you wear.

Use a Vintage Handkerchief or Brooch

You can use this handkerchief or vintage brooch to decorate it from a bouquet of flowers, so that it becomes more beautiful and sparkling. This vintage handkerchief and brooch will make the flower bouquet sweeter, leaving you free to decorate it to your taste.

Use Goose Feathers

Some strands of goose feather will help effect on your wedding event, especially supporting the theme of your marriage is bride or not. Some strands of goose feather applied to the bridal bouquet will be more fashionable and sweet, certainly making the wedding more memorable to remember. You can apply this goose feather on the outside of the flower or in a bouquet, so that it will be more suitable for your taste.

Use the Ribbon on the Flower Bouquet

Installation of ribbons on a bouquet of flowers will give the impression of sweet and fashionable, both the ribbon makes it long and short. You can use this ribbon down, so that the bouquet of flowers becomes even sweeter. The use of this ribbon is suitable for weddings, because this ribbon can blend with all the wedding themes that are commonly used by most people and that you will use.

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Tie a Bouquet of Flowers Together with a Rope

Tying a bouquet of flowers together with a rope can be a challenging choice, because this is very different from the bouquet of flowers in general. Most choices of your wedding are forest or nautical, this choice will make the bouquet of flowers a little different and quite amazing.

These five tips will help you decorate the flower bouquet that you will use to be more beautiful and fashionable, as well as to help the bridal bouquet become sweeter and provide a good gift for your wedding. In addition, decorating using these objects is very simple and easy for you to use. May be useful.


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