This is the 8 Attractions in Cirebon most popular

Cirebon is one of the oldest cities in Java island. You can visit a number of attractions in Cirebon with a wealth of historical and cultural charm of the period lampaunya. As one of the old town on the island of Java that stood since 2 April 1482 when Sunan Gunung Jati from Cirebon stated that the Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran, Cirebon never became the center of Islamic civilization in Nusantara.
Geographically, the Cirebon on the busy between the Western and Eastern regions of the island of Java. This is the geographic potential of making economic distribution lines as Cirebon and agriculture. Cirebon is currently developing rapidly, with adequate infrastructure and conditions improved day by day. You will be very easy to reach attractions Cirebon worth to visit. There are many taxis, minibus, and rickshaws that are ready to drive you around the city of Cirebon. Enjoy culinary Cirebon is one of tourist activity that passed in addition also buy batik Cirebonan the famous Batik in Kampung Trusmi.

There are many interesting places in Cirebon. Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Cirebon most interesting and worth a visit when You are in Cirebon.

1. the Kasepuhan
This is the most magnificent palaces in Cirebon, a very well preserved condition. Kasepuhan was built in 1529 by Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin II (great-grandson of a Sunan Gunung Jati). There is a museum inside, contains a variety of heirlooms and painting of the Royal collection. First, the name of the Palace it was the Royal Palace of Pakungwati as a form of homage to the count of Mas Mochammad Arifin who also had the title of Panembahan Pakungwati I.
As a tourist in Cirebon laden will value the history, you will be taken on the atmosphere of the Cirebon tempo when first set foot in Kasepuhan. Acculturation is so thick you can find at various locations in the Palace, not only between the Sunda with Javanese culture, but also with the various cultures of the world, such as China, India, Arabia, and Europe.
The existence of two statues of white tiger at the gates of the Royal Palace symbolises that the Sultanate of Cirebon was the legitimate successor of Padjajaran and shows the influence of Hinduism at the time. The gate that resembles a temple in Bali, the gate door leaf carvings, European-style fencing, Siti Hingilnya of Chinese ceramics, as well as the red brick wall that surrounds the Javanese Kraton is the fact that acculturation.
In the backyard, you can see the palace garden and some wells from a spring that is considered sacred and it brings blessing. To enter, you must pay the entrance fee of Rp Kasepuhan 8 thousand per person.

2. Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave
Sights of Cirebon on this one is a cultural reserve with an area of 1.5 hectares, built in 1703 by Prince Kararangen or Pangeran Arya Carbon. This is a place for meditation and rest the Sultan of Cirebon and his family. Therefore, famous as Sunyaragi. Sunya, meaning the physical means of yeast, or a place to meditate (off the road).
In the tourist area of Cirebon, there are about 18 ancient buildings that are architecturally is a blend of classical Chinese and Indonesia on any ornaments. This is the attractiveness of tourist spots in Cirebon on this one. In addition to the historic places of hopping, photography lovers also like Taman Sari Sunyaragi Cave area with artistic conditions. To enter, you have to pay the entrance ticket to the Taman Sari Cave Sunyaragi Rp 10 thousand per person, open to the public from 8 am to 4 pm.

3. Heat Banyu Palimanan stone
Banyu Heat Palimanan stone is a place of thermal baths in Cirebon are crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. Attractions in Cirebon on this one are in the region of a cement factory, namely PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa. Therefore, you have to pass existing checkpoints in the factory to be able to sign in. Green trees and limestone rocks gray Mountain Kromong quite dominant in the area of the thermal baths.
Banyu Heat Palimanan stone known Cirebon with water source that has a sulfur content is high enough, it is very beneficial to the health of the body. There are various kinds of outdoor shower, room availability with rinse, dressing room, and toilets. For admission to the baths, you will have to pay the entrance ticket Banyu Heat Palimanan stone Rp 4,500 per person. Hot water to soak, you will be charged a rate of $6 per thousand people.

4. The great mosque of The Copyright Sense
This is the great mosque in Cirebon, is located within the complex of the Kasepuhan, directly adjacent to the Palace Square. The great mosque was originally named Masjid Pakungwati, following the name of the Palace that formerly the Palace Pakungwati. This is also a mosque built by the Trustees at the time of Sunan Gunung Jati ruled as the first sultan of the Sultanate of Cirebon. The mihrab on the location, there are three special floor tiles stone that used to be installed by Sunan Gunung Jati, Sunan Bonang and Sunan Kalijaga,.
The great mosque of The Copyright Sense is an interesting landmark in Cirebon, with nine doors symbolize the Wali Songo. The entrance to the main building are really small make you must stoop to enter, this is the philosophy of homage to enter the House of God. Allegedly, the great mosque of The Copyright Sense is a partner of the great mosque in Demak. At a time when the construction of the Masjid Agung Demak is done, Sunan Gunung Jati asking permission to build his partner in Cirebon.

5. The Keraton Kanoman
Keraton Kanoman initially is the center of civilization in the course of the Sultanate of Cirebon Sultanate eventually split into the Kraton Kanoman, Kraton Kasepuhan, Kraton Kacirebonan, and Keprabon. Built by Prince Mohamad Badridin or Prince of Kertawijaya, termed the Sultan Anom I in 1588, Kraton Kanoman was one of the milestones of the city of Cirebon and the development of Islam in Cirebon.
In this Palace, there is a museum which houses a variety of historical objects, such as the axis War Train Dragon Liman and Jempana Train. Railway Axis of the Dragon wing has two in Liman right left. This is the symbol of the axis or bird or buroq representing Islamic culture. Body and face similar horned Dragon train (China), but the trunk like an elephant (Hinduism). In this Palace, You will also come across the original porcelain plates of China become the decorating the walls. In the past, the world culture acculturation occurred in Cirebon.
To get to the sights of Cirebon on this one, you have to down market kanoman to finally find the Palace. You will be charged an entrance fee of the Keraton Kanoman Rp 5 thousand per person.

6. Garden Tours Siwalk
Siwalk Park is located in the village of Setu P, Kec. Mundu, is approximately 8 km from the main line Line Mundu. Cirebon attractions this one stand on 175 acres of land, surrounded by small hills and green rice field. Beautiful landscapes and experience is the attraction of the Park is often used as one of the places the outbound in Cirebon are favored.
There are many rides in the sights this Cirebon, including ATV, flying fox, adventure zone, speed boat, fishing, and swimming pool. Menyew getek boat to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Setu P is another interesting way to do in this area. No doubt, tourist destinations in Cirebon are attractive to serve as one of the tourist destinations in Cirebon. If you liked olahrga golf, you can play them in the Garden Tours Siwalk. To be able to enter the tourist area, you only have to pay the entrance ticket to the Park Siwalk is Rp 3,000 per person.

7. Batik Trusmi
This is the center of batik production in Cirebon, located in Trusmi village of Plered. Batik Trusmi is also one of the icons in the collection of the national fabric batik. The name Trusmi is the name of a character who supposedly was a disciple of Sunan Gunung Jati, namely Ki Gede Trusmi, who teaches Islam to the population at once how to batik.
If you come to where florist Cirebon, you will be able to find the types of batik and batik Palace. It is closely related to the existence of two palaces in Cirebon, Kraton Kasepuhan and Keratonan i.e. Kanoman, supposedly based on the history of the two Palace appeared several classical batik design Cirebonan up to now are still carried out by most of the community of the village of Trusmi, such as Overcast, Mega motif Paksinaga Liman, Patran Keris, Patran Kangkung, Lion, lion Umbrella Banjar Barong, Balong, chicken Base, Sawat bride bride , Katewono, mountain Giwur, Menjangan Simbar Simbar, Kendo, and others.
Cirebonan batik production consists of batik, batik and batik Cap, a combination of slate stamp. Attractions in Cirebon on this one is the one that is favored by many travelers who like to hunt batik Cirebon with cheaper price and quality.

8. Garden Ade Irma Syriac
The Park formerly known as Garden this Garden of Cirebon Traffic located right on the seafront of North coast of Cirebon, lying side by side with the port of Cirebon. The charm of the Cirebon attractions this one lies in the availability of a variety of children’s games, zoos, beaches, and entertainment venues on Sunday supported many famous artists.

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