The Meanings of the Grief Board Flowers

Robert Brewer¬† – The Meaning of Flowers of a Sorrow Board When a relative or colleague is struck by a disaster that results in death, you immediately send the words “We are also deeply saddened and mourning as deeply as possible for the disaster …”, or “Our family conveyed sorrow and sorrow for the death …” . Such speech seems to have been tradition in our environment. The use of sad and sad words always appears together.

The problem here is that is it true that the two words are used simultaneously? Indeed there is no harm if we deliver speech as a sign of sympathy or express our feelings of discouragement when there are colleagues or relatives who are affected by the disaster, whether in the form of natural disasters, landslides, earthquakes, and floods.

The problem here is the content of the words that express the sadness of your feelings towards the person who was hit by the disaster. So, what you highlight is linguistic factors.

The Meanings of the Grief Board Flowers

Condolence Flowers

In terms of language, there are two elements that we should convey in relation to sorrow and sorrow. The word sad is usually to confess feelings of sadness. The word comes from the Javanese language, namely defensive which means demanding defending, participating, and condolence means difficult, sad.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, sadness means ‘statement of condolence’. Therefore, the phrase “We share sorrow and sorrow for …” contains the waste of words because in the sad words there is also the meaning of “grieving”.

There are so many ways you say sorrow, there are those that come directly to people who are sad and praying, working on communication contacts via telephone, texting those who deliver flowers of condolence boards.

The grief board flower is a series of flowers that are listed on a board media decorated with flowers and certain sayings that refer to grief for an event.

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