The History of St Valentine

The History of St Valentine – In numerous countries throughout the world you will certainly discover individuals commemorating as well as stating their love and also dedication to one another on the 14th February each year. Liked ones are frequently provided with flowers, delicious chocolates, love notes and also gifts on this worldwide day of love yet exactly how this particular day became, remains shrouded in speculation as well as mystery. Who was this strange St Valentine and exactly how did this tradition develop into the international hit it has come to be? I made a decision to examine this centuries old personalized with the footprints of both Christian as well as Roman practice … There are at the very least three identified saints in the Catholic Church with the name Valentine or Valentinus, if background is to be believed all 3 of these saints experienced mistreatment as well as fatality on February 14th for choosing not to relinquish their ideas.

The History of St Valentine

It is thought that St Valentine was a clergyman in Rome during the 3rd Century. At this time the Emperor, Claudius II had banned the union of marriage for all young men, choosing that males made much better soldiers when single than wed with kids. Valentine thought this regulation was outrageous; he revolted as well as continued to marry young pairs in key, under the cover of night or secret locations in capitals.

When Valentine’s activities were exposed Claudius was furious as well as he right away sentenced Valentine to his fatality.

Throughout his time in jail awaiting his sentence, it is assumed that Valentine built a solid friendship and potentially fell for the jailors daughter. Before his fatality Valentine composed a farewell letter to the daughter that was pain stricken by Valentine’s approaching fate. The note was full of love and reassurance as well as was supposedly signed ‘from your Valentine’ and this is why today we continuously authorize cards to our own sweethearts with the exact same message as well as the phrase continues to reside on. A depiction of Valentine’s very own dedication as well as love to God and probably, to the Jailors child.

Valentine is thought to have been implemented on the 14th February 270 AD.

So there you have it, another excellent need to celebrate St Valentine’s Day!

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