the 15 most popular tourist attractions in Surabaya and Favorites

None of the attractions in indonesia more, it turns out the city of Surabaya and its surrounding areas also play an important role in making a refreshing place to its community and surrounding residents. Of course with a getaway in Surabaya, Surabaya and surrounding citizens so no need to bother with difficulty in finding entertainment, Getaways and places of tiredness after a few days doing work activities.


Surabaya’s tourist attractions, is the recommendation getaways for those of you who happened to be in Surabaya and surrounding areas. It turns out that there are an awful lot in Surabaya tourism not inferior to sights in the cities that are in Indonesia. Many readers who ask the admin to discuss about the attractions in surabaya are very necessary in introduce into all the traveller in Indonesia.

So maybe an article that discusses about this surabaya attractions destinations could be one of the recommendations of the sights if you happen to need a holiday and was in Surabaya or surroundings. Well without lingering over again, this time will present a list of tourist attractions in surabaya destinations especially for loyal readers

List Of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Surabaya

Mangrove Forests Wonorejo Surabaya
For a discussion of our momentary again we will Peel is a famous tourist attractions in surabaya under the name Wonorejo Mangrove Forests. Surabaya tourism places this one is perfect for you-love with nature. Attractions in surabaya, this one has been very popular and famous in Surabaya, even an awful lot of people who are vacationing away from out of town to enjoy a holiday in this Wonorejo Mangrove Forests.
The natural beauty of Mangrove Forests Wonorejo is very pleasant, with you walking through a bamboo bridge that is above the water, it will be the experience of a holiday for you. In the Add again with fresh forest green ambience make this Mangrove forest Wonorejo be hunting tourists in indonesia. Even in the Mangrove Forests Wonorejo this you could use a boat to enjoy its beauty, to which interested you can come to Highway No.1, Wonorejo Wonorejo, Rungkut, Surabaya, East Java.

National Mosque Al-Akbar Surabaya
There is also a place of religious tourism in Surabaya, this place is very popular and famous with the name of the National Mosque Al-Akbar. At gadang gadang-even if the tourist attractions in surabaya’s famous with the name of the National Mosque Al-Akbar mosque became a pride of the citizens of Surabaya. Even the fact that surabaya’s tourist attractions the national Al-Akbar Mosque has a very wide area, largest mosque after Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta.
National Mosque Al-Akbar daily is an awful lot on the visit by the people who vacation in tourist attractions in surabaya. You can worship while you unwind in the sights of surabaya and myriad of activities you can do in this place, this is the National Mosque karenakan Al-Akbar has a very wide area. For those of you who are interested in you come to Masjid Al Akbar Road East no. 1, Pagesangan, Surabaya, East Java.

The Flower Market Bratang Surabaya
Attractions in surabaya who specialized for you lovers of flora, there is a very popular tourist attractions in surabaya which is famous with the name of the flower market Bratang. Surabaya’s tourist attractions on this one was originally a very small market has been around since the 90s. It turns out the flower market Bratang already exists since a long time right? But until now this Bratang flower market still exist.
Bratang flower market which is the pride of a society of Surabaya is currently in layout with very neatly by the local government, so that it looks cleaner than the previous order. With the white garment of surabaya attractions popular with the name of the flower market this Bratang visitors will be more convenient for a visit to the flower market Bratang florist Surabaya. For those of you who are interested in flowers and ornamental plants you can come to Market Solar flower market Road, Bratang Bratang Baratajaya, SR. Member, Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java.

The Four Face Buddha Statue In Surabaya
Most popular attractions in surabaya the next by will be discussed is a tourist place in surabaya, which is famous with the name of Buddha’s four faces. Tourist attractions this one presents a statue of the tallest existing in Indonesia with Four Face Buddha image form which you normally find in the area keep an ria kenjeran famous with its fishery and also disable as a fun hangout for young children.
Just info just turn out in building Four Face Buddha statue is made of 4 pieces of pillars and Four Face Buddha statue has a height of about 9 meters. Every face turns out there’s also a meaning respectively i.e. There is a meaningful relationship good face, the face of protection against crime, faces of luck and that teraksih is the face of peace and health. To see this Four Face Buddha statues, please come to the beach New Sukolilo Kenjeran, Ria, Bulak, Surabaya, East Java.

Red Bridge Surabaya
There is also a tourist place in surabaya, which is very good, because in surabaya’s tourist attractions this one contained a history of the battle which took place on 10 November 1945. Attractions in surabaya, we mean is a place called the Red Bridge. At the Red Bridge area of Surabaya was a battlefield until a killing Brigjend Mallaby in a battle between the Dutch army with fighters of Indonesia at that time.
Red Bridge Surabaya is one of the attractions of surabaya destinations are famous enough, no wonder if Red Bridge Surabaya is always bustling with visitors. In addition to once being a battleground, it turns Red Bridge Surabaya is also a very large trade area in Surabaya. If you are interested in coming to the Red Bridge Surabaya, please come to the Street Hawk, Krembangan Surabaya.

Surabaya Hero Monument
Next attractions in surabaya, which we will discuss is a place which is famous with the name of Memorial. Attractions in surabaya, this one is a monument in memory of the fighters to disable surabaya at that time fighting against the Allied forces. Reverse nail-shaped monument that has a very high outstanding i.e. approximately 41.15 meters.
This Memorial has the form that these terms be meanings, from roads, high and arches of this Memorial had a meaningful form of the 10th, 11th and mulan in 1945. Wonderful isn’t it? Of course you also shouldn’t be forgotten if this Memorial area there is also a Museum November 10, which of course it included historical items during the struggle. To be able to this Memorial, please come to the road Tembaan No. 19A, Alon-Alon Contong, Bubutan, Surabaya city.

Temple Hong Tiek Hian Surabaya
Next we will discuss is a tourist spot located in Surabaya, which of course are familiar for the lovers of excursions around the area. Attractions in surabaya that one is known by the name of Temple Hong Tiek Hian. Uniquely Hong Temple turns Tiek Hian is a building at the time of the Khu Bilai Khan in the early days of the Majapahit Empire by the Tartar which of course is a building whose terms would be meaning.
Temple Hong Tiek Hian is commonly used as a place for Chinese traditional events like suppose a very popular puppet performances in surabaya attractions i.e. puppet Pho Tee Hi. At the time of the celebration of the Chinese new year, of course tourist attractions in surabaya named Klenteng Hong Tiek Hian is very lively visit citizens who celebrate. To get to the attractions in surabaya this one you are obliged to come to the streets of the host, Surabaya (Chinatown Area).

The Surabaya Submarine Monument
Attractions in surabaya who a moment longer we discuss is a very famous tourist spot and popular with the name of the submarine Monument. Surabaya tourism places this one is a tourist in downtown Surabaya, which of course will be very easy for us to find a place which is famous with the name of the submarine Monument. In fact, this place is a monument depicting KRI Pasopati 410 i.e. is a submarine belonging to the TNI.
The submarine monument is a tourist place in surabaya that the terms with a history of independence. The submarine monument contained KRI Pasopati which as we discussed earlier and is the type of KRI SS type Whisky Class that has been created in 1952 which then in Russia, Vladi. Of course with the history that it can attract tourists to get to tourist attractions in surabaya on Jalan Pemuda No. 39, Embong Kaliasin, Tile, Surabaya, East Java.

Mpu Tantular Museum Surabaya
There is also a museum which is the tourist attractions in surabaya, which indeed has been very popular in the area of surabaya. Attractions in surabaya that one usually known as the Mpu Tantular Museum. Of course the Mpu Tantular Museum is a favorite tourist attractions in surabaya this save countless historic and interesting objects for us to tour the whole area from this Mpu Tantular Museum.
Mpu Tantular Museum has at least 15,000 object that represents a collection of tourist attractions in surabaya. An awful lot of banda as suppose the stuff in the can from prehistoric times, the era of Empires and colonial times, certainly with you to visit tourist attractions in surabaya this you will feel the sensation of a vacation interest. To be able to enjoy the full object with a history in the sights on this one, please come to the Kecamatan Buduran, Sidoarjo, East Java.

Museum Of WR. Supratman Surabaya
Attractions in surabaya the next one we will Peel in a nutshell is a tourist place famous with the name of surabaya Museum WR. Supratman. Attractions in surabaya that one of these is a place that allows you as a visitor to be able to see the writing of song Indonesia Raya are made by WR. Supratman. And also at surabaya’s tourist attractions on this one there are violins from WR. Supratman very full history.
Museum Of WR. Supratman is a tourist place in surabaya who became the favorite for the people of surabaya and surrounding areas. Of course a lot of people who are interested in Museum WR. Supratman, because Indonesia Raya song to date is still very rough in Indonesia, surabaya’s tourist attractions by visiting this one you can see the historical value. And please come directly to the Mango Street 21, Tambaksari, East Java.

Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya
Surabaya’s tourist attractions are very favored by many visitors this is the Ciputra Waterpark. Surabaya’s tourist attractions it is the largest water tour rides in Indonesia and Southeast Asia that is an awful lot of pengunjungya. If you want to visit Surabaya tour, you can come to the West of Surabaya. Surabaya’s tourist attractions was built by the company in its Citraland Ciputra Group.
Tourist attractions in Surabaya is you can try a wide variety of rides, such as the Sirens River, Chimera Pool, Marina Lagoon, Sinbad Playground, Roc Tower, and Syracuse. Tourist attractions in Surabaya this one opened to the public every Tuesday until Friday, that is starting at 14.00-19.00 pm. While on weekend and holidays, began to open since at 08.00-20.00.

Garden Bungkul Surabaya
Further tourist attractions in Surabaya who this very favorite is a Parks Bungkul. Tourist attractions in Surabaya this widened the grounds that crowded at night because it has a fun susasana with sparkling lights that adorn the beautiful garden. Tourist attractions in Surabaya that one has the concept of education, entertainment, and sport.
In addition in Surabaya, there are attractions available facilities are very complete BMX bikes ranging from track, Skate tracks, jogging track, plaza, a public phone, even a free internet network access disediakam by using wiffi, arena green park, and also a variety of culinary Surabaya which can be eaten and enjoyed with the family.
That’s the shebaniah sights Surabaya never deserted visitors each day. And Surabaya is often referred to as the night tour in Surabaya. If you are curious with a variety of games at tourist attractions in Surabaya, you can come directly to try it.

Surabaya Zoo
Surabaya Zoo also become tourist attractions in Surabaya are very popular. Tourist attractions in Surabaya is located at jalan Setail No. 1. Tourist attractions in Surabaya was established on the basis of DECREE of the Governor General of the Netherlands coincide on 31 August 1916. Tourist attractions in Surabaya Surabaya tourism is becoming near the airport that is suitable for a visit with family.
Tourist attractions in Surabaya children can play and learn to know the different types of animals are there in the Zoo, even we can also interact directly with specific animals that would have been safe and maintained directly by the animal handler who has been very professional. So the tourist spots of Surabaya is indeed became one of the tourist destination with the family.

Garden Mayangkara Surabaya
There’s more tourist attractions in Surabaya are very famous i.e. Garden Mayangkara. Surabaya tourism places this is the nickname of city of Heroes attached which made the city very honoring the heroes who struggle against the invaders captured the Indonesia independence in antiquity.
Tourist attractions in Surabaya also was built to give tribute to the Mayangkara 503 battalion at that time under the leadership of Mayor Djarot Soebyantoro. Because that’s what this monument was built to commemorate his services with the view of the beautiful flowers that surround the garden area. Tourist attractions in Surabaya this we can relax with the family.

Rainbow Garden Surabaya
One of the attractions of Surabaya very favorites for visitors this is the garden of rainbows. Tourist attractions in Surabaya Surabaya tourism this is the usually bustling at night are no less exciting. If you want to see the beauty of attractions in Surabaya this can come at night, because the atmosphere is more crowded.

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