Ohh Einstein, Thanks For Your Quote on the Gift of Dream


Ohh Einstein, Thanks For Your Quote on the Gift of Dream

I stumbled upon this remarkable quote (listed below) of Albert Einstein’s. Imagination is such a wonderful flower, reviewed his quote, allow your mind go, and also see if you do not concur.

” When I analyze myself as well as my approaches of thought, I concern the final thought that the gift of dream has meant even more to me than any kind of ability for abstract, hopefulness.”

~ Albert Einstein

Ohh Einstein, thanks for your quote of the gift of dream.

Hence, I fantasized this step of an abstract story financing to a bit of magic.

The castle not far
magical landscapes
sacred areas.
A land of magic
within a youngster’s fairy tale book.
Celtic folklore
tis an art fantasies gallery.
Dragons slain
white unicorns embellished
dream art women
saved from enchanting fire breathing beasts
sorceress of land called Magic.

There beyond a sleepy fish pond
little rabbits stir up
daylight to find
little rats stretch and also yawn.
Fawns in the early mornings by a does side
on grassy landscapes
where lovely blue birds
brilliantly fly
lighting the sky line.

A marvelous day in fairy land starts.

Legends of mermaids
I think not
half human sea creature
with long moving hair
sirens underwater
swimming under the sea
with dolphin like tails.

Mythological creatures
fairies middle ages
delicate animals with enchanting powers.
Flowers protected
by Victorian princesses
with butterfly wings
fly between magics amazing tales
that are told.

Nordic giants
huge and tiny
staying in trees
and below ground in hillsides.
In Swedish regulation
they mean no injury
supernatural techniques
should bring no alarm.

Legendary creatures
serpentine qualities
winged dragons live for life
breathing fire
as little young boys claim.

Fantasy reaches as far as we such as
past abstract thought
and also minimal rhymes
Today I will certainly fulfill the tales in books
turn page after page
of my mind as it looks
toward beautiful imagination.

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