List of types of decorative flowers to be planted in your home

Robert Brewer Forda – The beauty of ornamental flowers makes it the right choice to spruce up the park. Sometimes difficult to maintain because they grow in very specific climates and locations, an award for managing a decorative flower garden is well done. Make sure you choose the right flower for your needs, whether it is to be used in a handicraft project or just to show off your gardening skills.

Ornamental flower plants are well-liked by many people because of the interesting impression and also make beautiful indoors and outdoors. While the types of ornamental flowers have many variations and variants.

The Following Is A List Of Types Of Decorative Flowers To Be Planted In Your Home


A common geranium (Pelargonium x hortorum) is an annual herb that grows on a spread mound. They talk with red, white, pink and salmon flowers. The sweet aroma and full spirit in the geraniums make them great for flower beds.

Skyflower Scrambling Flower

The scrambling sky flower (Thunbergia battiscombei) from the Acanthus family is a blue-purple flower originating from certain parts of Africa. Herbaceous annual plants grow other plants to support and their flower stems create a natural support layer. Strong colors and fairly wide leaves can turn scrambling sky flowers into good transitional flowers.


The moon flower (Ipomoea alba) is most often an annual plant that grows and blooms quickly in warm tropical zones. Acting as a night partner for morning glory, which has flowers that open in the morning and close in the afternoon, moon flowers bloom at night and continue until morning or afternoon. Its beautiful aroma and bloom make it an excellent choice for carrying a basket.

Lavender flower

Common lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a semi-green annual plant that grows best in moist, moderately rich, and strong sunlight. The color of the lavender flower, which is named after the plant, is most memorable, but it is also purple-blue, white-light blue and blue-purple. Native to the Mediterranean, lavender is great for decorating footpaths and borders.

Morning Glory flower

The famous perennial vine that grows flowers with heart-shaped leaves, morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea) is a plant native to Central America. With a fair size of flowers, beautiful red, pink, purple and white for color, and the ability to develop on both sides of the road and in the fields, this blooming plant from morning to evening is difficult to replace.

Marigold flower

The brilliance of African marigold gold (Tagetes erecta) and its growth have made it popular. Marigolds can even grow well in poor soil if watered well. In the garden, the flowers that grow can be used properly as a barrier plant.

Orchid Flowers

Orchid flowers are one of the most popular types of ornamental flowers in the world. Because it has a beautiful color and has other types of orchids. This flower is different from other ornamental flowers only have a blooming time, while this orchid can bloom in a period of 6 weeks per blooming period.

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Jasmine flower

Jasmine (jasmine) is the most popular type of ornamental plant in Indonesia. Actually the type of white jasmine is made as one of the national flowers of the Indonesian State. This flower has a fragrant aroma that makes this type of ornamental flower have many fans.


Roses are usually used as a symbol of love or gratitude. It also can be used as home decorative flower plants. The rose has a beautiful and diverse color, the rose also has a fragrant aroma and also functions as a therapeutic aroma.


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