Incredible Occasions For Giving Flowers to Your Loved Ones

Giving flowers makes someone feel loved, appreciated and important. We all know this so why don’t we do it more often? If you’re looking for a good excuse to send flowers to someone special in your life, here are some great occasions for giving flowers and some suggestions on the perfect flowers to give:

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Here Is A Incredible Occasions For Giving Flowers to Your Loved Ones


A wedding is a major event in someone’s life. Remembering a special day like this with flowers will make your significant other half beam with joy. This will show how much you appreciate being together and will as well signify your undying love. Traditionally, red roses are given to symbolize love, although you could substitute her (or his) favorite flower type instead.


Among the other great occasions for giving flowers are birthdays. If you have a person close to you who seems to have everything, flowers could be the perfect gift. Have them delivered to the birthday person’s place of employment or home for an extra surprise. Bouquets of almost any combination of colorful flowers are a great choice and work well with the addition of a “Happy Birthday” balloon.

Valentines’ Day

This day is not just for married couples but for anyone in a relationship. Flowers are usually given along with boxes of chocolates to show love and care for your sweethearts. Roses are the usual kinds given but you may vary your choices but bouquets of colorful flowers also work well, too.

Mother’s Day

Giving your mother flowers would definitely make her feel loved and appreciated. Great choices would be roses to show how much she means to you, sunflowers which symbolize pride and cheerfulness, or yarrow which is a sign of good health. Mother’s Day is one of the most popular of the great occasions for giving flowers.

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Graduation or Promotion

To show how proud and happy you are for the success of your loved one in his or her career or education, you may give stargazer lilies which symbolize ambition or alstromeria to show aspiration. Stephanotis is also a good choice because it symbolizes good luck.

Birth of a New Baby

One of the most celebrated occasions in a family’s life is the arrival of a new baby. You can celebrate this wonderful event by sending flowers. You can choose pink or blue flowers, depending on the gender of the new baby, combined with delicate baby’s breath to create a lovely bouquet. Having these delivered to the new parents while they are still in the hospital or as soon as they return home is a nice idea, too.


Although not one of the great occasions for giving flowers because of the sadness associated with the loss, the people you care about will appreciate this expression of sympathy and compassion. Any type of white flower would be a good choice. Chrysanthemums are a common bereavement flower, too.

If you’re looking for great occasions for giving flowers, remember you really don’t need a reason to show someone you care. Any time is a good time to send flowers.

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