How To Choose Flowers For Your Wedding perfect

Robert Brewer Forda – Choosing wedding flowers for your wedding should be a lot of fun. There are plenty of flowers out there for your pick. It’s important though to set a budget for your flowers so the florist can have an idea of your limit and work on that. You have to consider flowers for your entourage, the church and the reception. There’s an easy way to do this. Stick to your budget and coordinate the flowers according to your color motif.

Here Is How To Choose Flowers For Your Wedding perfect

Bridal And Entourage Flowers

When choosing wedding flowers for the bridal bouquet, make sure you (the bride!) likes the flowers. What good will the beautiful bouquet be if the bride hates the flower? Choose the flower that you like and work on that. After deciding the color and the kind flower, choose the style of arrangement that you like. There’s the posy bouquet, cascading bouquet, the sheath bouquet or any combination thereof for your choosing. For the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor, smaller bouquets reminiscent of the bridal bouquet or flower balls will do.  Choosing wedding flowers for the little flower girls is easy. Give them small baskets or bags filled with petals. Corsages for the mothers of the couple, grandmothers and other female sponsors should also be themed. It is usual to pick orchids or roses. You have the option to get wrist corsages instead of the usual one.  It is best to choose boutonnieres that are small and unobstructive as you do not want to overwhelm your male entourage, the groom included with big bushy flowers on their chests.

Church And Reception Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than walking down the aisles bedecked with fresh flowers. Choose inexpensive flowers to decorate the church. Make sure that the church flowers compliment the whole entourage’s theme. Fresh flowers for the altar and at pews’ end would look wonderful. It’s not really practical to use the flowers in the ceremony used for the reception. How in the world do you expect pews’ end flower arrangements become centerpieces for tables? Transporting them to the reception area would be added responsibility and work too. Simple yet elegant centerpieces are ideal for the reception. You do not want big bulky arrangements that would prevent the guests from seeing each other.
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Choosing The Flowers

Choosing the flowers for winter weddings will not be flower-less as there is a variety of flowers that are available the whole year. Flowers that are available the whole year through are: Gerberas, Roses, Lilies, Freesia, Tropical flowers like Anthuriums and Orchids. You could also consider the white amaryllis for your bouquet. Spring weddings will have options of tulips, ranunculus, hyacinths, Queen Ann’s Lace, roses and gerberas. Mix-matching these flowers would definitely give your arrangements a burst of colors. Summer weddings will have no problem in choosing the flowers for the occasion as many flowers are in bloom. Additional flowers in bloom are columbine, blue delphiniums, irises and gladioli. Fall bring in another set of wonderful flowers to choose from. You can choose dahlias, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, kniphofia.

If the seasonal flowers are not for you, then choose the old favorites that are available the whole year round.


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