Flowers That Have Friendship

Robert Brewer Forda – Modern culture does not celebrate friendship as people did decades ago. Look at Victorian historical sources to find all kinds of records that show close friends taking photos together, sending gifts to each other every day or every week, and exchanging flowers regularly. Bring back the practice of showing friends how much you care by putting together a perfect bouquet of friendships. Before you rush to pick up the first beautiful flowers you see, contemplate the meaning of the various colors of bloom to make a gift that is far more meaningful.

Here Are Flowers That Have Friendship

Ordinary Rose

Trying to survive with roses alone? Achieve increased friendship by sticking to the orange and yellow rows, and clear from pink, red and white. Yellow and orange cheerfulness reminds the recipient of the happiness you both share when spending time together.

Zinnias To Remember

Did your friend die or move to the whole world? Brightly colored zinnias pots are the perfect way to remember them and respect their memories. These small and disheveled flowers come in a variety of meanings because of their blossoming colors, but zinni is striped and mixed close to remember friends. If you choose a potted plant, you can even plant it on a bed of flowers to keep the gift from growing.

Chrysanthemum For Support

Trying to support a friend who is struggling, or thank someone who helped you during difficult times? Stay with classic chrysanthemums. White, purple and blue varieties are very useful in expressing your feelings to a friend. These flowers may be common, but delicate petals send clear messages about care when mixed with other popular friendship flowers.

Iris For Dedication

Have you and your friends gone through many challenges together and stuck together in all of that? Celebrate your dedication with one eye-catching iris. The slender stems and thick blooms also symbolize strength and courage, making it a great gift for someone who defends you or fights for your rights. Consider getting a pair of matching iris pots so you can remember your bond by glancing at a beautiful indoor plant.

Ivy For Long Term Bonds

Trying to celebrate a friendship that has been going on for decades? Try some dark green ivy sprigs in a bouquet of flowers. Ivy is not merely a flower, so often there is no gift list for friends. However, these pervasive soil plants are known for their strong pull on the growing buffer, providing a clear link with a strong bond between two people. Symbolize your connections that have stood the test of time with simple but beautiful plants.

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Blue Tulips For Loyalty

Ready to recognize a true blue friend who won’t leave your side? Celebrate everlasting loyalty with blue flowers, especially the striking blue tulips. The shape of the cup and its association with excitement make this flower an elegant gift for any friend. Mix a few white tulips if your friend is always honest, or a pair of yellow stems for contrast and a little excitement. Blue tulips are some of the friendship flowers that are most easily found in areas with limited flower resources too.


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