Approach Of An Attractive Blossom

As we know lord Buddha was initially on the planet to create a culture to change individual awareness to collective awareness for betterment of the human race. Eventually the devotees were anxiously waiting for the master to come and provide an excellent speech. Buddha in His ripe old age came stood as well as brought a blossom near His eyes and left the scene. The crowd was astonished as well as maintained mother. They could not recognize exactly what took place.

Attractive Cherry Blossom


One disciple named Mahakasyap stood and also grinned with affirmation. He could comprehend exactly what master informed in silence!!! The ideology of flower, Just what a flower instructs to humanity We must assess and also understand that it instructs 1- Inner harmony 2- Exterior harmony.

Exterior Harmony-The flower decorates itself with various other blossoms in the tree harmoniously causing injury neither to various other flowers neither to its resource the tree. It makes the environment gorgeous. This is required for the society. We the flowers must live sympathetically without triggering injury to other living beings to make God’s production attractive.

Interior Harmony -In a flower are sympathetically set up in addition to stem and various other parts making the blossom stunning. Like that we must maintain our internal consistency by stabilizing our task instead activity of our body and also mind. By keeping our physical consistency all our diseases that harm us because of physical disharmony remain away from us.

Finally the flower perish away making the nature gorgeous for an excellent cause. Likewise when we will render our last account prior to GOD, He will just ask “Just what have you done for my creation?”

Exactly how ever before the approach of any thing, stunning ought to be realised as well as learned.

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