8 New tourist attractions in Malang That Were Hits 2017

Malang, a town in East Java that has been famous for its numerous tourist potential. Places like stone, Jatim Park, or Eco Green Park usually directly intended when the holidays to the unfortunate. Places it is indeed interesting to visit, but have thought about another Unfortunate tourist destinations that may have the charm of not less than wiasta places that has been more popular in the Poor? Well, if there is already a mind like that, prepare to be blown away because of some new attractions in this poor were hits and worth trying. What’s it?

Malang City

New attractions in Malang the first Coban Tundo. This place really is still new and as yet little-known by the traveling connoisseur. In addition, the place is still “wild” meaning that it has not been set to become tourist spots by the local government. Coban Tundo in the village Sidoasri, district Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. As new tours that are not yet managed, visitors who come to the Coban Tundo will not be charged. Coban Tundo was the tourist attractions in the form of a water pond with a waterfall. Imaginable, waterfall with pond water is blue in a place quite hidden, interesting isn’t it? To be able to feel the fresh air in this Tundo, Coban needed less than two hours from the city of Malang.

DESA Banjarejo, Kecamatan Donomulyo, Malang, also have new tours are being hits, especially among Poor young children. The beach called Kedung Boar is located in a quite place hidden that make this beach a destination joy at the holidays. Understandable, in this wild boar, Kedung Beach scenery that unfolds before the eyes of very different views in the city of Malang. On the beach, clean sea views stretching wide blue, accompanied by wind gusts still small voice that makes anyone look like the more reluctant to depart from this place.

It’s not just the’m Boar Kedung Beach hits in unfortunate, because in the hamlet of Slick, village Lebakharjo, district Ampelgading, Malang there is also a beach that is also a shame to pass up, namely Beach slick. Then what’s the difference with Paul wild boar? A trip to the beach this is what feels good. A slick way to the beach can only be traversed by two-wheel motor vehicles, and even then it is better do not use motor matic. The trip up and down the hills of zig zag will provide its own sensation. When arriving at the beach site, the views presented are not less enchanting.

In the hamlet of Sumbermulyo, village Madiredo, district Pujon, Malang, there is a new tourist destinations without being named hits Watu Talang. The hapless tourist attractions called Watu Talang is pretty close to Coban Supit Urang, so when he wanted to Watu toward the Gutter, simply point your vehicle into the Supit Urang Coban which are the attractions that have been well managed by the community Puncara. To be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Watu Talang, visitors must be a bit of a struggle to climb a cliff before getting to the main feature: a view of a typical Poor Java.

Coban is another term from the waterfall, so Rainbow can be interpreted as Coban Waterfall Rainbow. A beautiful name isn’t it? The taste is worth the new attractions are hits in this poor get that name because this waterfall does really colorful because sometimes a rainbow appears beautifully under a waterfall. It is about 32 km from the city of Malang, visitors who wish to visit this place must be prepared physically with prima, because waterfall is in the area of conservation of Forestry Department of East Java has a pretty challenging terrain. Visitors must walk through the hills with a slope of nearly 45 degrees.

DESA Glagahrejo, Kecamatan Gedangan, Malang Regency also has a new tour which are hits in the form of the beach. This beach called Ungapan Beach, which has the uniqueness of IE tint of sea water from blue to green. In addition, on the side of the beach there is a row of large stones are arranged such that the formation of such a crocodile. Ungapan beach is located just off the coast of Bajulmati, make this beach is also increasingly popular. The beach is approximately 64 km from the Centre of the city of Malang and takes approximately 3 hours drive.

Have meaning waterfall, widow of Coban Rondo is truly one of new tours in florist Malang that must be visited. Coban Rondo is situated quite near the popular tourist spot of stone, with a distance of about 12 km, located in the village, sub-district Pandansari Pujon. Coban Rondo has a height of 60 metres, more or less with the surrounding natural landscape that is very charming.

The hapless seems never to run out of new attractions that form the beach. In addition to the two above the beach, there are still Beach Stone Bengkung which certainly offer a different experience with both the previous beaches. On the beach rock Bengkung, visitors can enjoy bathing in the lagoon that was found near the beach. Although there are a few places that can be used as point of the shower, the visitor must comply with a ban on visible clearly on the beach which prohibit visitors to bathe on the beach.

That’s some new attractions in the unfortunate who were hits and deserves entry into the list of sights to see. Unfortunate not only stones or Jatim Park, because there are still other attractions are not less exotic with popular tourist attractions.

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