8 attractions in Pekalongan that will makes you Curious

If there is a city in Indonesia’s most curious city was surely Pekalongan. Probably not many know that this city was named Indonesia’s first creative city by the UNESCO.


Up to now, Pekalongan are still being the only creative cities in Indonesia which was recognized by UNESCO. How about tour conditions there?

For who was fond of traveling, Pekalongan is also a destination that cannot be ignored. Many interesting places we can visit in Pekalongan. Attractions there is quite a complete range from beaches, mountains up to cultural tourism

Pekalongan own differentiated into two forms of Government i.e. city and County. Attractions to be covered here include both the area

Rather than curious, here are 8 exciting attractions that you can visit in the city of Batik, Pekalongan


1. Batik Museum
Pekalongan is a city of Batik. So, it is a fatal error if a visit to the town but does not stop by the Museum. Pekalongan has even recognized as a city of international batik. The city has a branding as the world’s city of Batik

In Pekalongan Batik Museum itself established by former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2006. The Museum has a collection of around Pekalongan batik 1149. Not just the batik are on display in the museum but also a wide range of matters related to batik. Includes tools to make it. The Museum consists of three Pekalongan Batik rungan where first used for flaunting room batiks from the coastal region of Java such as batik Cirebon, Pekalongan, Rembang, and also a Stem. The second room is used to show off the results of several donations batik important figures such as the former President’s donation results batik SBY’s mother, Ainun Habibie, former Vice President of Budiono, as well as a number of other important figures

The third exhibition in the room while we will see a collection of batiks from different regions of the country such as Banten, Java, Kalimantan, Garut, Indramayu, Madura, and Papua


2. International Batik Center
Still about batik. If you like shopping batik as proof that you’ve just streets from Pekalongan, one of the places that you can visit is the International Batik Center. From the name alone can already guess what the content of this site. Yep, the International Batik Center is an integrated area which sells various types of batik. You can get all sorts of batik here

International Batik Center sits on 4 acres of land in the path Line, exactly in the way A Yani Number 573 Wiradesa, Pekalongan


3. the Curug Squirrel
Switch to natural attractions. In Pekalongan we will get some sights of waterfalls. One is the Curug Squirrel. His name is indeed quite nyeleh but the atmosphere there will make us feel comfortable

Curug is situated in village Telogo, district Petungkriyono Parkis, Pekalongan. Located in a nature that is pretty far from the settlement, we have to walk about 300 meters from the garage to get to the waterfall. Water debit in curug is quite high. This waterfall consists of several levels with forms such as rock slides. Height of the waterfall is around 80 meters. The sound of gemuruhnya will create the feeling of being relaxed


4. Golden sand beach
Not far from the city centre of Pekalongan we will find a beautiful beach named Beach Sand Kencana. The location of this beach is about 4.5 km from the Centre of the city of Pekalongan. Coastal area into a cool place to enjoy the sea in the town of Pekalongan, especially during the afternoon

Beach Sand Kencana has been developed as a place of recreation for the residents of Pekalongan or anyone visiting the Pekalongan. The various facilities available on the beach is a playground, outdoor stage, benches and a garden to relax, pedicab water, food stalls, small mosque, flush the toilet and bathroom, as well as a series of other amenities that pamper the visitors


5. Mount Rogojembangan
For the climbers who live in Pekalongan and surrounding areas, do not have to go far if the desire to climb already desirous. In Pekalongan a mountain you can climb the mountain i.e. Rogojembangan. It lies on the border of Pekalongan region as well as the city itself. The main climbing this mountain path is through the village of Gumelem, district Petungkriyono, Pekalongan

Mount Rogojembangan is the highest peak in the mountain range of southern Musi. The mountain reaches a height of 2,117 mdpl. In addition to trekking to the Summit, we can also visit some interesting places in the vicinity of Mount Rogojembangan. One is the Curug Muncar residing on the slopes of the mountain at an altitude of about 1,249 mdpl
6. Tourist village Lolong

There is a tourist village that is well worth to visit in Pekalongan i.e. Village Cried. The village has the atmosphere of a mountain with a very mild easing of Eve. In Pekalongan, a tourist village is famous for fruit durennya. If it were the seasons, we can easily get the fruit Durian here

The existence of the Singkarang River which divides the village make the atmosphere there became more calm. The River was the location of a fairly famous rafting in Pekalongan. Tourist village Cried in the subdistrict of Karanganyar, Pekalongan


7. Beautiful Linggo
Linggo Asri is a tourist area in Pekalongan that has Eve is cool. The tourist area is located at an altitude of about 800 mdpl. The location of this tourist area was in the path of Pekalongan – Banjarnegara. Precisely in Kajen

Eve green spectacle is cool and interesting things offered by tourist area. With the atmosphere so then this place is a great place for a moment to alienate themselves from the daily routine that drab


8. Mount Kendalisodo
In addition to the mountain Rogojembangan, there is another mountain Pekalongan can hammer out a passion mendakimu florist Pekalongan. The mountain is Mount Kendalisodo. Not too high, just about 1,695 mdpl. However, the atmosphere of the climb enough to hammer out the nostalgia will be the ascent of the atmosphere of tired-tired of cool

The location of the mountain is located in the Petungkriyono subdistrict, Pekalongan. Originally, the mountain was known as mountain frequented by those wishing to perform certain rituals. However, nature lovers can’t ignore it because its purpose is purely to climb. The Summit of this mountain Peak known as Hanuman

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