The peak of Cisarua, Bogor, still one of the Prima Donna of the holiday destinations of citizens of Jakarta. Location still within easy reach as well as the cool air and panoramic views into the main reason citizens chose the streets pretty over the top, Bogor. But in addition, Bogor Summit also has interesting sights that needed to be passed, the following list:
Little Venice in the Kota Bunga

Little Venice in the city of Flowers

In a complex of luxurious villas called the city of flowers, there are fascinating attractions called Little Venice. As the name implies, Little Venice serves stylish building Venicia complete with a lake and canoeing-canoe that can be Boboers ride. Garden view tea from a distance, framing the beautiful shape of the building that existed in Little Venice. Ticket for the entry of £ 15,000/person, not counting ticket rides are there. But there is also a ticket costing £ 35,000/Fun people, with this ticket can ride gondolas and missisipi.
Taman Safari Puncak

Taman Safari Puncak

Not only Safari Park is located in the mountains with beautiful views but also a complete matter of facilities, attractions animals and game animals. It has a very broad land, in Indonesia Safari Park, boboers engga can only enjoy the safari look at animals and feed the animals. But boboers can also be entertained by the funny animal attractions-ranging from cute Tiger Show, Elephant Show, Various Animals Show, Birds of Prey, and the Dolphin Show. Although the price of the ticket fair dalem reaches for the bag, (adult £ 150rb, and children 140rb to local tourists) but really worth it because the ticket is a ticket that can be used for Canal ride rides-rides that are in the Safari Park. Don’t fear the loss of the game is also quite complete rides such as roller coasters, windmills windmills, untang earrings, rafting, wah deh make a definite a lot of kids happy joyous Merry
Sun Park

sun flowers garden

Solar park is a recreation area families with the concept of “Recreation and Education Park”. Located Jln. Raya Bogor km. 77 Peak, Garden of the Sun presents a variety of rides and facilities, such as a waterpark, water rides, as well as the form of lodging akomadi hotels and villas. With affordable admission, just $25,000, Boboers can free up the 5 rides, the rest pay more In this Solar Garden Boboers engga can only invite the kids satisfied play but can also while studying the question of animals, plants, and there are also children’s traffic.
Flower Garden Nusantara

Taman Bunga Nusantara

Flower garden Archipelago is probably one of the biggest flower garden that exists in Indonesia, here there are colorful flowers consisting of 45 million types of flowers! The question of beauty, not asked, as far as the eye can see Boboers will be enchanted with the beauty of the Park. This Archipelago in the flower garden, parks laid out with interesting themes, such as the garden of France, Japan, Bali Garden Garden, Garden Maze, a rose garden, water garden, and a greenhouse (greenhouse for an extra fee to £ 20,000). Each of these parks are styled according his lover and very charming to visit. The price of admission to this Archipelago flower garden are quite affordable, IE £ 30,000 for ages 4 years and above.
Agro Tourism Mount Mas

Agro Wisata Gunung Mas

Escape for a moment back to nature by viewing the green expanse of tea plantation of course very enjoyable. Agro Tourism Mount Mas became temmpat that fit the above desire to answer. Hamaparan extensive tea plantations with fresh mountain air is a mainstay there are pleasures here. Not only the eyes and the heart, but Boboers can also be ridden while enjoying the view of the mountains. In addition there is also a trekking trails for exploring the beauty of this tea garden, its not too heavy, very suitable for Boboers who want to introduce the nature in children. The price of admission Agro Tourism Mount Mas pun is cheap, only $15,500. For Boboers who want to stay overnight here, Agro Wisata Gunung Mas also provides cabins facing directly to the tea garden.
Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna Puncak Bogor is a natural tourist attraction located in the area of Puncak, Bogor, West Java. These sights are nearby tea plantation PTP VII Mount Mas. With their fields and a village with the towering mountains add to the beauty of the panorama of nature. Before the area was designated as a garden tour in 1972, the Telaga Warna Summit Pass Cisarua Florist Bogor –, is part of the nature reserve of Mountain Forest and woodland Mountain Clouded Mega Hambalang. One of the uniqueness of the Telaga Warna so able to invite many tourists both from within and outside the country are water color can vary. Some of the results of the research been done stating that there are seven water color Telaga Warna. The reflection of different colors the trees around the Lake being one of the factors the causes of the occurrence of the change in color.
Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember has stunning natural scenery, silence in the middle of the forest with cool air becomes the mainstay of these sights. Moreover, here there are also 12 types of butterfly breeding laboratory complete with butterflies. With lush pine forests, the Curug Cilember often become the site of choice for hiking and tracking. Cilember has a uniqueness waterfall because there are seven curug (waterfall) in series that make up the scenery really tempting. Curug Cilember is located in the forest area protected by Government – Summit – Cianjur (Bopunjur) with an elevation of about 800 metres above sea level.

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