7 Flowers That Can Improve Your Mood

Maybe you already know that flower arrangements can give color to the room of your house. Like bright roses, calm lilies or colorful gerbera bouquets. But did you know that flower arrangements can also help brighten your mood?

Imagine every time you receive a bouquet of flowers, of course there are happy feelings that you feel. This also applies if you put a bouquet of flowers in your home or workspace.

Based on a study, people will feel more compassion towards others, reduce worry and reduce stress levels when putting fresh bouquets in their homes. Not only that, various effects of flowers on your mood and mind include:

These 7 Flowers Can Improve Your Mood


Flowers give you affection

You will feel more love for the people around you if you place flower arrangements in your home. Flowers placed in the room will make the whole house feel more cheerful and love each other more.

Bright colors on flowers will make everyone who sees it feel more peaceful and calm.

Flowers eliminate anxiety, worries, and feelings of sadness

Overall, people who place flower arrangements in the room will reduce negative feelings on him. You can place flowers in places like the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and family room where you often spend a lot of your time.

Especially in the morning, when one’s mood is still unstable, flower arrangements can enhance positive moods such as happiness, friendliness and warmth.

Always placing flower arrangements gives a positive energy boost

Simply placing a flower arrangement in your home environment can have a positive impact on your mood. Like feeling happier, increases enthusiasm and energy while working.

If you start the day with happy feelings and positive moods, you will tend to channel your happy feelings to others. This will certainly be good for you, your family and the people around you.

In addition to placing flowers in your home, of course you also need to pay attention to the types of flowers that are appropriate and have a positive effect that is better for you and your family.

This is the best and most popular type of floral arrangement placed at home.

  1. Pink rose

Like most roses, pink roses also represent love while pink symbolizes luxury, beauty and tenderness. Placing bouquets of red roses in your home increases feelings of love in the family and between marital relationships

  1. Red Gladiola Flower

A symbol of strength and integrity, red gladiola flowers also give a beautiful red hue. If you want to provide motivation for yourself and your loved ones, give a red gladiola wreath and place it at home and in the office.

  1. Sunflower

Having a bright yellow color, sunflowers provide energy and light as the name suggests. So sunflower is very famous as a mood booster because it brings happiness and excitement when placed around you.

  1. Purple Orchid Flowers

Representing loyalty, honor and admiration, purple Orchid bouquets symbolize spirituality.

You can place purple bouquets of flowers combined with several other fresh flowers for religious events.

  1. Marigolds

Especially orange marigolds will help increase good inspiration to be placed in your workspace. Why Marigold? This is because marigolds, or what are commonly called “sun ingredients” symbolize enthusiasm and creativity.

  1. White lilies

The white lily bouquet symbolizes purity, humility, and devotion. So it is very suitable for you to make a home decoration on special occasions such as a memorial or a wedding anniversary for you or your parents.

  1. hydrangeas

Bring a calm and relaxed atmosphere by putting hydrangea wreaths especially blue. Hydrangea flowers themselves imply sincere emotions and a soothing blue color, the right blend for your home.

Give yourself a flower arrangement that can bring positive energy and bright colors both at home and in your office.

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