6 Place Yogyakarta Antimainstream Mandatory You Visit

Yogyakarta is a coveted vacation destination every insan. The large number of tourist attractions, cultural and culinary student city, could always make the visitors feel klezmer and want to quickly return to it.
Yogyakarta not only Parangtritis Beach and Malioboro only. If you’re vacationing there, mandatory once the law to come to this place of yogya antimainstream.


There are 6 Yogyakarta antimainstream that not much is known of its existence by the tourists.
If you want to stop by there, don’t forget to invite your family or your friend too! Surely it should not forget also to capture the moment for it to be distributed to social media.

Well, if you already get a plane ticket to fly. Just merapihkan suitcase you and see how wonderful tourist attractions here. Check this out!

1. The waterfall Randusari
Randusari waterfall is indeed not the place the first and the only natural tourism in Jogja. There are lots of vacation destinations that offer a similar thing there.
But that makes the special water tours is located in Bantul proved to be unknown by a lot of people know!
This place is perfect for you who incur want to relax and enjoy the surrounding natural landscape accompanied by the voice of the gemercik water falls.
Randusari waterfall it is clear all. While there, a sense of impatience like to swim when the come across a waterfall and pond you will surely feel.
Located in the region of Plateau located in the path of Rejosari, Jatimulyo, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta special region, the air that is in this place really feels really cool.
For you who want to visit the waterfalls of Randusari, many keseruan can be done later. Ranging from relaxing in the hammock, put up a tent, and mini talking banter with friends while you play the guitar on the edge of the waterfall. Hmm, very interesting things all right?

2. Beach Timang
Nah! If the sights on this one is perfect for you who want to test the adrenaline. On the beach in Timang besides can watch beautiful white sand and accompanied by crystal clear sea water, you can also try traditional gondola on the beach.
Initially the gondola or commonly called by cable car is only used by local fishermen as a means of transportation to bring the seafood they catch. Now, the gondolas instead as part of a tour of the iconic Beach Timang.
To be able to feel the thrill of crossing the coast using the cable, you are obliged to pull out about Rp 150,000. However, if you only want to capture the photo, you can also pay around Rp 50,000. How, interested?
For you who want to visit the sights of this hits are, of course, require extra patience. Because road access still remain difficult, however the Timang Beach located on the South coast, Babbler, Gunungkidul, this really gives the sensation of a relaxing holiday.
If you are travelling from Yogyakarta, please take the route towards Challenging and leads directly towards the Semanu. If it passes through Semanu, you can take the direction to the right that leads to the beach Baron and then continues towards Wedi Ombo. Approximately 7 km from there you will soon reach the beach Timang.

3. Cliff Breksi
Though it is quite new, Terbing Breksi it’s always crowded and so hunting tourists as well as locals.
The tourists seemed to not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures or capture OOTD selfie on the Breksi the hits and the present.
yogya anti mainstreamTebing Breksi (Instagram @ciciucil38)
One of the attractions of Jogja antimainstream turned out to already hits among users Instagram, lho! Certainly you do not want to lose hits too right? Yuk! Just come and visit this Breksi Cliff while holidaying in Yogyakarta later.
Oh yes, before coming to the cliffs of Breksi, you should also know that to be able to take pictures in this place does not charge at all aliases for free! Just pay for parking you can get photos ciamik once.
Located at Groyokan, Blengkong, Sambirejo Prambanan Selman, Yogyakarta, this place is obliged to enter in the list the trip you while on vacation to the city of students. Not to miss ya!

4. Candi Abang
If usually the tourists visiting Jogja environment always come to Prambanan and Borobudur Temple, now it’s time you visited the Temple Brother.
For you who have been menginjakan away in the temple’s brother, certainly many wonder. ” Lho, kok said the temple, but not one temple that looks at this location? ”
Since one of the attractions of Jogja antimainstream, Temple here indeed is a bit different from the usual you meet.
There is a large mound-like bikit teletubbies. Green Hills filled with pasture grasses is very scenic and beautiful. Yet many who know this Brother Temple sights. Maybe you also new figure it out right? Hehe.
Located in the hamlet of Sentonorejo, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman, florist Jogja, the existence of the temple Brother itself could not be seen again because it was covered by hills. Although demkian, it always made my most favorite photo spot by the tourists and locals. Direct brangkat, yuk!

5. Yogyakarta Bay
For you who love water tours, we recommend that you visit Jogja Bay. Yet many who know the existence of the Grounds of the water on this one.
Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark located next to North Maguwoharjo, precisely in the main Stadium, JL. Maguwoharjo – Depok is claimed as a playground is the largest and most complete water in Indonesia. Own this water park has an area of 7.7 hectares.
For you really are curious and like to enjoy yourself keseruan and splendor of Jogja Bay have to spend starting from Rp 60,000 tickets to pay for entrance.

6. Sand dune Parangkusumo
No need to go far and pulled out more budget to buy a plane ticket to Africa or the Middle East if it wants to play in the desert.
If you visit Jogja, you can enjoy the beautiful desert sand dune Parangkusumo. Yogyakarta tourism object antimainstream this one beauty not less with who are abroad, lho.
In addition to enjoying the panoramic view of the desert, you can also try sandboarding at play in this place. While doing these cool action, don’t forget to take pictures and distributed to social media Yes!
Located on JL. Parangkusumo Beach, Kretek district, district Shape, Yogyakarta, it operates from 08.00 – 18.00. Be sure to stop by!

Happy vacationing!

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