5 Ways to Give Flowers for Mother’s Day

Robert Brewer Forda – You can celebrate Mother’s Day by giving gifts like a bouquet of flowers to Mother. But, other than in the form of a bouquet of flowers, what if this year you give flowers to mom in another way?

At the end of the year, one of the special days that we will look forward to is Mother’s Day. This annual celebration is special because you are given the opportunity to show affection to Mother, the person who gave birth and raised us.

It’s no exaggeration to celebrate a special day for Mother, remembering all the struggles and sacrifices she has made for us. Because, whatever we give to you still cannot repay all your services.

On this special day, don’t waste your chance to show your love for you. Express your love for Mother so she feels loved and valued.

Well, one of the most appropriate ways to express our love is to give a gift or surprise to Mother. Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, there are many kinds of gifts you can give, such as flower bouquets for example.

No wonder, flowers never fail to impress anyone. Not only to boyfriends, a beautiful bouquet of flowers will also be best given to you as the best Mother’s Day gift. But, if you are bored and want to give a bouquet of flowers in a different way, launch Huffington Post, here we summarize 5 ways to give a flower bouquet to Mother.

1. Give a Large Bouquet of Flowers

There is no woman in this world who does not like flowers, especially if given in the form of a very large flower bouquet. If all this time you only provide a large bouquet of flowers for your partner, try to give a surprise to Mother in the form of a large bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet of roses, tulips, carnations or any flower mix can represent your appreciation, love and gratitude to Mother. So that your feelings of love are better represented when giving gifts, it’s a good idea to give a special message too.

In addition, as a symbol of love for Mother, give flowers in red or pink. But, if you don’t want to be glued to red, you can still give flowers from a flower shop with your favorite color.

2. Make a Flower Crown

Who says flower crowns can only be used by young women or at important events such as weddings and birthday parties? Nowadays the flower crown is popular for various groups from young to old to be used on various events such as festivals.

Not limited to that, you can also make a different Mother’s Day gift by giving a flower crown to Mother. Give Mother a flower crown that you made yourself from her favorite flowers. To make it even more memorable, choose Mother’s favorite color or you can make it a pair to wear together.

If you are interested in making it, no need to be complicated. Just prepare different variants of flowers of different colors, leaves to decorate, scissors, glue, ribbons and don’t forget to paste love when making it.

3. Cake with Flower Decoration

Nowadays flowers are not only used as flower bouquets, flower crowns or decorations but can also be used as cake decorations. As an anti-mainstream Mother’s day gift, you can give Mother a cake with flower decorations

To be more special, of course the cake must be your own. If you have been in charge of making food and cooking all this time, it is your turn to provide special services for Mothers on Mother’s Day.

For ideas on what cakes you can make, please look for references on the internet or recipe books from Mother’s collection. Don’t forget to decorate flowers with your favorite flowers. You can put real flowers around the cake or make it from sugar.

Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t taste as good as your cooking, whatever the results are as long as it’s made with sincere feelings, your mother will definitely appreciate it. Also prepare a cup of warm tea, and enjoy the cake together with your mother.

4. Decorate the house with flowers

There are many ways you can use to give flowers on Mother’s Day, one of which is to decorate a house with flowers. If your mother is a lover of flowers, then this method will greatly impress her.

You can start decorating the bedroom, by placing a cute flower vase and tea glass. Fill a large flower vase with tulips or gladiolus flowers then place it on the table so the room looks beautiful. Don’t forget to also insert a greeting card that contains an expression of your affection.

Not only the bedroom, you can also decorate the house by placing a table flower in the living room, or kitchen, so that your mother can see it clearly.

In addition to putting flowers in a vase, you can look for other inspiration on the internet or ask a subscription flower shop to make a flower or flower backdrop hanging from the ceiling.

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5. Add a Gift Package with Flowers

So that the surprise for you is far more luxurious and memorable, you can add a special gift to a bouquet of flowers such as jewelry, shoes, clothes or holiday tickets that Mother has long desired.

With the addition of gifts to your flower bouquet, Mother’s Day gifts will feel more beautiful. For flower bouquets, you can choose a bouquet of the colors and types of flowers that Mother likes.


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