5 attractions in Palangkaraya makes you Amazed

The city became the capital of Central Kalimantan offers a variety of exciting tours that if you miss. Palangkaraya has many amazing tourist potential ranging from culinary tourism, history, culinary, to culture.


For those of you who want a different entertainment, then the city could be your next destination. The beauty of the existing tourist attractions in Palangkaraya is guaranteed to make you taste to linger in the city. If you’re curious as to what attractions are here, here we present to you 5 attractions in Palangkaraya compulsory visit.

The following attractions in Palangkaraya

Tahai Lake
Attractions in Palangkaraya is the first Lake Tahai. The location where this tour is located in the village of Tahai, the rock. The Lake appears red because of the influence of the roots of the peat. Site clean this Lake until now still awake so this always interesting attractions to visit. If a vacation with your family, you can enjoy the many facilities provided the place is like a floating home and home down. Here you also can ride the train to admire the beauty of this Lake.

The National Park Of Bukit Raya
This tourist attraction is the garden that serves as an area for resapan water. If you are a lover of animals, then this could be the attractions of destinations that are suitable for you. Here you can find a wide variety of animals like monkey, baung adung, seluang, porcupine fish, 63, ruai birds and many more. National parks of the Hill Kingdom is one of the famous tourist attraction located in Central Kalimantan.

Tjilik Riwut Cafe
This Cafe used to be the home of one of the fighters as well as national hero Tjilik Riwut named. These sights you can make it as the next destination if you feel hungry. The food served at this place so tempting so guaranteed to make you want to come back again when you’re done visiting from this place. If you’re curious with the taste of the food here, you should go directly to Cafe Tjilik Riwut.

Betang Custom Homes
If you want a tour that not only provide entertainment but also education for you then this tourist attraction is the right choice that you can try. A House relics of the Dayak tribe built lengthwise with a roof shingles of ulin wood it looks so unique and beautiful. If you want to see the beauty of this House, we recommend that you immediately visit this place along with the family.

The Beach End Pandaran
Attractions in Palangkaraya is the last of the beach End Pandaran. Arguably that this beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions there are in this city. The beauty of sand combined with natural nuance which is still asri makes these sights seems so overwhelming. In addition, there are also many here quiet so that adds to the impression of an exotic beach. The beauty of the coral reefs here are guaranteed to make you berdecak am amazed.

That’s the sights florist Palangkaraya offering breathtaking beauty. If you want to utilize your time to enjoy the santainya on vacation, then the sights you can make the next destinations. Hopefully this article can provide many benefits to you all.

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