4 Ways to Prevent Fast Weed Table Flowers

Robertbrewerforda – Placing a table flower in the room can indeed make the atmosphere cooler and cheerful. But unfortunately, table flowers often wither quickly and cannot be displayed too long.

To make the atmosphere in your home or work space cooler, putting a table flower is one of the ways you can try.

You can buy directly at the florist flower table or buy a bouquet of flowers and then put it in a beautiful vase at home.

For its own contents, you can choose according to taste and mood such as roses or buy other types of flowers such as lily flowers and sunflowers.

But on the other hand unfortunately table flowers often quickly wither and cannot be displayed too long. But don’t worry, in the right way you can actually make a table flower last longer.

How to? Check out the full review below:

1. Routinely Cutting Flowers

The first way to treat table flowers is to routinely cut the flower stalks. This must be done because flowers that absorb too much water can make it quickly wither and die.

For that you have to cut around 0.5 – 1 cm of the lower flower stalk every day to reduce more water absorption.

Not only that, you also have to routinely change flower water to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria which can also speed up the flowers to wilt.

Meanwhile, if you have a table flower with a type of rose flower, don’t forget to check the stem to see if there are still possible thorns left.

2. Covering the Batang Tip

If you want table flowers to last longer, the next way to treat table flowers is to coat the lower end of the flower stem with cotton and wrap it back with clean plastic.

It should be noted, you should regularly replace cotton and plastic to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Before coating the tip of the stem with cotton, cut the stem around 0.5 – 1 cm.

3. Save Table Flowers in Normal Temperature

If you are familiar with the room temperature below average, so that the table flowers you have are kept fresh, try changing that.

Keep in mind, table flowers stored in room temperature are too cold or too hot can make the flowers wither faster. Therefore, put table flowers in a cool room and avoid direct sunlight so the water does not evaporate quickly.

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4. Avoid Putting Flowers in Places Affected by Sunlight

There are several types of flowers that require sunlight, but there are also types of flowers that only require a little sunlight. Therefore, you must recognize the type of table flower you have.

You should put flowers in the room that do not get direct sunlight. Likewise if you want to spray or replace water, then you should avoid doing it when exposed to direct sunlight.

Not without reason, the method can make the flowers wither faster and eventually die. A few tips, you can also put a few coins in a vase so that the flowers can be fresh longer.

That was 4 ways you can do at home to make the table flowers do not quickly wither. Besides adding coins to the water, other tips are you can give a little vinegar to the water solution in a vase.

Vinegar serves to inhibit the flower decay process due to bacteria that live in water. If you don’t find vinegar, you can replace it with enough lemon juice.

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