15 Most Interesting Attractions In the Kudus City

Kudus a Regency in Central Java province with an area of 425.16 km2, it is located between the cities of Semarang and Surabaya city, Kudus is one of the best tobacco producers from indonesia.

A lot of things that we can find in this city, a lot of interesting places to visit, there are Waterboom, waterfalls, natural beauty, Tourism and much more, here are some of the most interesting places in the Kudus City.

Kudus City

List of 15 most attractive tourist places In the Kudus City:
1. Kudus Colo tourism village
Colo tourism village is Kudus as one stub village began began in the year 2012, that along with 10 other villages that existed in the County. Its potential i.e. ranging from religion, then of culture, nature, food, art and many more others.

2. Waterfall Montel
The waterfall is as one of the natural charm that naturally formed. We can see in our own country an awful lot of waterfalls. one of them, namely the waterfall that is in Kudus i.e. Waterfall Montel. Waterfalls of its existence in the circumference by the trees certainly are cool as hell.

3. Noble Waterboom Tours
Waterboom Noble the noble Tourist tours or Waterpark is one interesting family attractions and is also popular in Kudus, Central Java.
At the Venerable Tour Waterpark can you find a place to play and also swim and also as a vehicle for the visitors. It also comes with a host of amenities that you can take advantage of for the tourists who are visiting here.

4. Kudus Gonggomino Colo Waterfall
Gonggomino waterfall is one of the interesting natural attractions in the compulsory Kudus you visit. This waterfall tour match once used to fill holiday weekend or fill out an extended vacation.
Gonggomino waterfall is as one of the quite the mainstay of society of the Kudus City or from other travelers.

5. Three Water Taste Rejenu
Talk about Nusantara Indonesia or any of the views both of it’s natural resources, human resources. It could also be from the culture will never run out. But this time we want to review about Water Rejenu in the sense of Kudus Three reportedly has three benefits of curing diseases and so on.
Natural attractions that will be discussed there in the Kudus area of Central Java is one of the tourist center of natural area became one of the icons of Indonesia.

6. Gray Canyon
Many people assume that the mountainous area is identical to something retarded or primitive culture. But it does not apply to the Kudus area. Despite claiming the Kudus mountain areas, but have kept a million beauty that expensive price. One of the most Sacred in the Hist. i.e. Gray Canyon.

7. Village Rahtawu
Rahtawu tourist village located in the top of the Subdistricts of Central Java, the Kudus Gebog. Here consists of a Green Valley surrounded by steep hills. To go to the village then you need the not so long after roughly 30 minutes from the center of the Kudus City.

8. Masjid Menara Kudus
Masjid Menara Kudus have different with Arch-shaped building is common in Indonesia. The gate and the Tower buildings are also made from a pile of Red Stone leaving the allure.

9. Kudus Kretek Museum
Kudus Kretek Museum is one of the museum’s smoking that’s in Indonesia with the uniqueness of its collection. Because in General, museums that collect relics from past events later in the showcase and displayed for viewing by visitors. In the museum it is different with the others, because in the museum collect about something new instead of just collecting something long.

10. The site Patiayam
One of the wealth owned by archipelago or our fatherland is history. Because with sejarahlah nation Indonesia could have a spirit to go forward better than ever. To know the history of that nation Indonesia should find the information kesumber are authentic. In the field of the history of one of them is called the source site is authentic. With the site one can read the Customs and culture of the people. One of the historical sites-owned Archipelago is the site Patiayam.

11. Kudus Bride Waterfall
Kudus Bride waterfall, discuss about nature tourism is indeed hardly ever there will be endless. Let alone the natural attractions that exist in Indonesia, the country with the myriads of Islands as well as the diversity of civilization and customs and traditions.

12. Goa Japan
Tell about nature tourism is indeed hardly ever there will be endless, for example only Goa Japan. Moreover, the existing natural attractions in the archipelago country, with myriads of Islands as well as the diversity of civilization and customs and traditions. However unfortunate this in adults, most of the people themselves were less aware of the perfection of their own country. They start with cultural modernity eroded so that made the West as yardsticks pride themselves.

13. The Peak View of the Kudus Waterboom
The large number of Kudus grounds indeed cannot be denied. One of the best Water tourism i.e. The Peak View Waterboom “. Kudus mountain areas that have dense trees beautiful worth to become Indonesia’s Icon. Because its very terawatt even not only naturally, but there are also supported. Is this artificial is the result of human efforts and works to preserve nature. One of these water parks are so magnificent and beautiful with the natural feel of a well-preserved in florist┬áKudus in the relist.

14. The waterfall Ternadi
Kudus prided the wealth and beauty of the panorama of one of the waterfall Ternadi. How not if talking how the abundance of nature tourism in the Kudus vehicle then the answer is innumerable. Since almost the entire place is Kudus in nature tourism probe. Indeed the garrison that is still in setimuti with a very dense forest trees.

15. The Summit of the Kudus Songolikur
If it discusses Kudus tour indeed will never endless, in addition to the many interesting and natural. Place located in the Highlands and dense tree soothing atmosphere to visit there. Starting from the historical, natural, artificial, and culinary as if everything has been in the entire stock by counties. As nature tourism Peak or peak 29 Songolikur.

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