14 Interesting Sights in Karawang That Will Makes You Happy

Karawang in West Java Regency is surrounded by metropolitan area. County neighbors with some incoming City metropolitan area namely Bogor and Bekasi JABODETABEK
Though besieged by metropolitan area, Karachi is one of the areas that are cool to stay and play. Some of the sights of the natural nuance will we find in Karachi. Starting from the waterfall to the beach
The beach? IYA. The geographical area of Karachi bordering the Java Sea to the North make this county had a coastal area with a coastline that is pretty cool to play. So, when we’re in Karawang and klezmer with the atmosphere of the beach, we don’t need to far out of town let alone out of the island


Here’s an interesting sights 17 you can visit in Karawang, West Java

1. Cape Fern
Fern is one of the Cape Coast we will find in Karawang. It has a very long coastline, i.e. reaching 7 km and is divided into several blocks. Sandy beaches own blackish with waves not too high so that it is relatively safe to play. This beach is one of the mainstream tourist destination in Karachi also owned facilities so that enough is enough. A variety of lodging will we meet around the beaches of Cape Fern
Site Pantai Tanjung Fern far enough if it is from the center of Karachi. The distance is around 70 km away in Pakisjaya Subdistrict.

2. New Cape Coast
New Cape is the name of a beach located in the subdistrict of Karawang Regency Cilamaya. Compare Cape Fern Beach site is closer to the town center of Karachi i.e. about 45 km. overall atmosphere that is on the beach is not far different from Cape Fern. Sandy blackish with sea water that is not too clear. To simply enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, Tanjung Recently is not a bad choice

3. New ocean beaches
New Ocean Beach is probably the most beautiful beach that is in Karachi. A little different from the two previous Beach, this beach has sand color tends to be white. The waves are not too big is another advantage in this beach. So we could swim with quieter without fear of being swept up waves. The location of this beach is located in district of Pedes. About 30 km from the Centre of Karachi. Various facilities are also available around the coast to support tourism activities

4. Lake Cipule
Cipule Lake is a lake located on the edge of the river Citarum. This Lake is a lake formed by a sand mining process. Sand mining process that is conducted continuously finally leaving gaping holes that became the forerunner to Lake Cipule. In the middle of the Lake is an island known as the island of Love with an area of about 2 km2. We could visit the island using boats rented lots around the Lake
The location of the Lake is located in the village Walahar, district Ciampel. The distance is about 30 km from the Centre of Karachi. On the outskirts of the Lake we will find an overview of the water hyacinth banak reminds us with Swamp Reel in Semarang

5. The dam Walahar
About 3 km to the South of the Reservoir Cipule we will find another place that is not less interesting namely Walahar Dam. The location of this place is located in the village and sub-district of Cipule Reservoir with the same that you might be making both as one travel package. Despite their primary function as a means of irrigation, dams also visited the community around Falkirk for recreation. Around the reservoirs themselves we will find many stalls selling fish and chicken pepes
The dam was built in the Citarum River basin. Extensive collection of water produced by the dam reached approximately 15 hectares so that the landscape is more like a reservoir. Walahar own dam was built by the colonial Government of Netherlands. The dam opened in 1925. Originally the name of the dam dam Parisdo

6. San Diego Hills
San Diego Hills known as the eating area for the rich. However, San Diego Hills is more than just a graveyard. Party developers did design this place as a multi function. Besides the Tomb area as well as well as tourist attractions. An artificial lake was built in the San Diego Hills to beautify the landscape. For the hobby photographs, there are several landmarks that can be used as interesting background
San Diego Hills are equipped with several facilities such as bicycle and jogging track, swimming pool, building matrimonial, camping ground and a place for outing. So, in addition to the cemetery, the place is indeed developed for other related purposes.

7. the Curug Cigentis
Curug Cigentis is curug aka waterfall which is quite famous in Karachi. Curug is located at the foot of Mount Sanggabuana at an altitude of about 1,000 mdpl. In the village of Mekarbuana, Kecamatan Tegalwaru, Kabupaten Karawang. Its situated on the mountains make the Curug Cigentis as an ideal location for recreation. Curug is about 25 meters. It’s not very high but the fresh atmosphere that exists surrounding their own reasons why we should consider visiting this curug

8. the Curug Bandung and the gank
In addition to Curug Cigentis, there are other curug we can visit in the village of Mekarbuana, district Tegalwaru i.e. Curug Bandung. Curug is also located at the foot of Mt. Sanggabuana at an altitude of about 1920 mdpl. Interesting, we’ll not only find one curug alone in this place. Once it comes we’ll get 7 curug at once. On the same rivers we will find 7 curug each called Curug Peuteuy, Curug Picung, Curug Bandung, Curug Jodo, Curug Rock, Mortar, and stone Curug Stack. Curug Bandung is the biggest in a series of curug curug Curug Peuteuy while the being at the very bottom of the

9. Green Canyon
Green Canyon turned out to be not only exists in Pangandaran. Karawang also got. Though not as big Green Canyon in Pangandaran Green Canyon that is in Karachi is also not less exciting for body rafting. The place was originally called Curug Ciomas but more that calls it with Green Canyon because the shape is similar to the Green Canyon in Pangandaran. The location of this place is located in the village of Medalsari, sub base, Karawang

10. The monument to Rengasdengklok Determination
The name of the Rengasdengklok surely is no stranger to our ears. This is the first in the area of Sukarno and Hatta were kidnapped by young people to accelerate the Declaration of independence. Events that occurred on August 16, 1945 the Event known as the Rengasdengklok and taught in national history lesson at junior level. To commemorate the event that has a large participation in the process of proclamation was built a monument in the village south of Rengasdengklok, Karawang Regency, subdistrict of Rengasdengklok. The monument known as monument of Rengasdengklok Determination
A monument that is not too high a hand with the statue of mengepal at the end of it into the main part of the monument. On the walls of the monument was written text the proclamation of independence of INDONESIA. In the back of the monument there is an arched wall filled with relief-relief related to the proclamation of independence

11. the Taruma Leisure Waterpark
If you want to enjoy the moments of the holidays with family in Karachi with the play of water, could perhaps Waterpark Leisure Taruma you consider. The venue opened in 2013 is in a Residential complex of Grand Taruma was on the road toll Karachi artery Tarumanergara West. A vehicle that is in the waterpark is pretty much. Among other things, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Leisure Pool, Kiddy Pool. There are also some gazebo to relax and enjoy the atmosphere

12. Wonderland Adventure Waterpark
Waterpak others in Karachi are no less exciting-cool to cry with the family or friends is a Wonderland Adventure Waterpark. It is set in a residential complex of Galuh Kingdom in Mas Falkirk West. A variety of exciting rides are also available at the waterpark. Some of the rides that are interesting enough to try, among others, the Gorilla Slide, Splash Fun as well as the Tomorrow Land.

13. On Batujaya Enshrinement
Enshrinement on Batujaya complex is a site in the form of the remains of the Temple of the Buddha. It is located between two villages in florist Karawang i.e. Segaran Village, sub-district and villages on Batujaya Talagajaya, district Pakisjaya. It is set in the middle of the rice field area. One of the temple we can find in this Temple complex of enshrinement is the soul of the building is visible most notably

14. Monument of Rawagede
Before committing military aggression that is the 2nd in 1948, the Netherlands did the massacre of civilians in the area rakyak Rawagede in Kecamata Rawamerta, Karachi. The Pembantian killed at least 431 civilians. Netherlands eventually were convicted in the massacre at the Court of the Hague in 2011 and is obliged to pay compensation to family of victims
To commemorate that event, woke a monument in 1995 called Rawagede Monument. The monument was inaugurated on 12 July 1996 month. Monument of Rawagede consists of two floors where on the first floor there is a diorama depicting the events of the massacre of the people of Karachi by the Netherlands. While the top floor there is a bronze statue of a mother with the remains of a child and husband tergelerak in front of him.

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