12 tourist attractions in the city of Solo visited

Solo is the name of the designation of the city of Surakarta, that is one municipality in the southern part of Central Java. (See also: the leading tourist attractions in Central Java) In the past Surakarta is a County, with the region include Boyoali, Surakarta, Sukoharjo, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sragen and Klaten. First there is the abbreviation to describe briefly the seven counties listed above, i.e. “Subo Suko Wonosraten”. In another article on this blog you will probably find a list of the most beautiful sights in the County. But in this article we will specifically discuss about tourist attractions in the city of Solo, a must-visit. Once again the special attractions that are located in the city of Solo. Need we say as above because currently Surakarta or Solo already serve as the cluster with the tourism attractions that are located in Solo and counties around Solo. For a list of the attractions located in Solo and surrounding areas will be discussed in other articles.

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Solo Tour That Much Visited By Tourists

Just here we show a list of the 12 attractions in Solo or Surakarta was already visited by tourists:

1. Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat
Visit solo city it feels less complete if not yet visiting Kraton Surakarta. The Palace was called complete Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat. Formerly the Palace is part of the Mataram Kingdom, but due to political problems with the Netherlands finally Mataram Kingdom is broken down into 2 IE ruler of Surakarta was led by Pakubuwono III and Yogyakarta Sultanate led by Pangeran Mangkubumi. Prince Mangkubumi later became Sultan hamengkubuwono I at once the starting point of the Kingdom of Yogyakarta which still stands to this day. Kraton Surakarta to date still stands with the upright. In it many preserved various relics of previous Kings. Visitors can see a variety of collections in this Palace. Furthermore in Surakarta is also often held ceremonies on certain days, such as the Sekaten on the eve of Mawlid nabi procession and rape the night 1, Kyai Suro. Therefore until now the Kraton Surakarta as tourist attractions in a very sought after Solo travellers both local and foreign tourists.

2. Zoo Taru Had
The most beautiful sights in the following Solo is a zoo. The Zoo Had its official name of the park or Wildlife destinations in Riau Province is one of the attractions of the pride of the citizens of Solo. Attractions of the Zoo is located in Riau Province on the banks of Bengawan Solo River or border with Karanganyar Regency. Sundays and bank holidays the place is always crowded by tourists. The Solo tour of the Zoo in Riau Province has an extensive collection of animals. The atmosphere at the Solo tourist attractions is also very cool and comfortable so it is very suitable as a place to hang out with you.

3. Museum Radya Pustaka
Museum Radya Pustaka present near Solo Sriwedari Park Complex. This museum is one of the oldest museum in Indonesia. Inside the museum a lot of store objects that are associated with the city of Solo and relics of the Palace of Mataram. One of the well-known collection was the collection of porcelain that was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwana IV. But unfortunately it never experienced the bad stories, namely in the form of theft of a collection of objects is done by members of the Royal family. However, these cases have been solved by police. This shows just how far we are less appreciative of the history of our own country. We should always keep heritage items in order to be always commemorate the history of the nation itself.

4. Ngarsopuro Night Market Solo
Ngarsopuro is part of the street in the city of Solo, which is transformed in such a way become a very convenient area for get-togethers for the citizens of Solo. This Ngarsopuro area at Jalan Diponegoro or southern part of Pura Mangkunegaran. On a typical day each night this place crowded young to just nngkrong. But every Saturday and Sunday at 19.00-21.00 pm this place was used as the center of the crowd in the form of existence of the merchants who peddle wares to visitors. Goods sold in this Solo city tour is a craft, culinary, souvenirs, batik Solo and other gift items.

5. Museum Batik Danar Hadi Solo
If you are from out of town and was visiting for a Solo tour to the seemingly less complete in haven’t bought a batik Danar Hadi as souvenirs. Danar Hadi batik well-known brand is the Solo. Batik Danarhadi can you make as a souvenir from a Solo snagat good. In addition to the sales outlet, Danar Hadi also makes a museum about batik Danar Hadi Batik Museum IE. In the Museum, visitors can view a collection of assorted motifs of batik from the entire country.

6. Pasar Klewer Solo
In addition to cultural tours, Solo city also famous for its tourism budget submission. One of Solo shopping tour is not likely to miss is shopping in Pasar Klewer Solo. Klewer market is a market that provides a wide range of fabrics, batik and clothes of the greatest Solo. Here you can buy clothes at bargain prices, because in the Klewer market place wholesale clothing. But keep in mind that you must also be clever-clever bid price. If it’s not a clever bargaining can-can in fact the price of her clothes become expensive.

7. Solo Grand Mall
When last we discuss Klewer market concept in traditional markets, we will now discuss with the modern concept of a shopping tour that is shopping to Solo Grand Mall. Solo Grand Mall or often abbreviated to SGM is the biggest Mall in the city of Solo. Almost every day this mall is always crowded visitors, both shopping for daily necessities, buy clothes, perhiasana, eating or even just hang out at the foodcourt. In SGM is also cinema screens the latest films. There are a lot of Solo in the Mall not only Solo Grand Mall but there is also a Sun Singosaren, Solo Square and also Solo Paragon. You can try it if there is free time for shopping in the streets Solo.

8. The Wholesale Club Solo
The shopping centre in Solo on this one actually almost similar to Pasar Klewer. But due to the development of a more recent then the atmosphere inside is more convenient compared with Psar Klewer. Wholesale Centre in Solo or PGS also provides many assorted clothing from start of batik, clothes, shoes, bags etc. The prices can also be said to compete. The location of this one area with PGS Keraton Surakarta or precisely on the East side of the square North of the Keraton Surakarta.

9. Galabo Solo
Attractions in the following Solo is a culinary tour that opened at night. Satay is the abbreviation of Gladak Finland Bogan that is sort of the center of the culinary in Solo and is open every night. In this location there is a range of food outlets and food courts are ready to provide your favorite food. Outlet selling is essentially an outlet that is in the city of Solo, but was given a special space to open stalls in this place so that visitors can enjoy a variety of foods in a single location. The food sold in this florist Solo Culinary e.g. steaks, place, satay, grilled milkfish, soto, timlo, gudek etc. Oh yes this Satay location as the name implies is a Gladak, or rather in front of PGS.

10. The people’s amusement park (THR) Solo Sriwedari
Sriwedari Folk amusement park is a historic park to the city of Solo. In this place since it first was used as a place of traditional art performances such as puppet people of Central Java, kethoprak etc. But currently Sriwedari Park already transformed into a more modern, i.e. with the addition of rides for kids even there is also a mini water park. In addition there are also rides stand food vendors as well as a stage for local live music such as dangdut, Staind song etc.

11. Laweyan Solo
Solo is a city famous for its batik so no wonder when there is Solo in Kampong of batik. There are actually 2 Kampong of batik Solo’s famous i.e. Laweyan and Kampong of Batik Kauman. In two places is the same, there is a lot of traditional batik craftsmen. But reportedly both have a different complexion in batik. In the Kampong of Batik motif or pattern, kauman batik are more likely than dark, whereas in Here tend to be dark. But the second certainly provides Solo souvenirs in the form of batik. It feels incomplete when it comes to visit Solo tour but not buy batik as a gift shop. Laweyan Solo this can you make as an alternative as a place to buy batik Solo.

12. The Palace/Pura Mangkunegaran
After the Kingdom of Mataram are broken down by the Netherlands/VOC became the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, it turns out that the crises facing this Mataram was not over yet. Two years after the Treaty of Giyanti of Surakarta split again into two i.e. Surakarta, Mangkunegaran and. This resolution through the Treaty of Salatiga in 1755. As King of the Mangkunegaran is Raden Mas Said who then had the title Mangkunegoro i. current Pura Mangkunegaran can be visited by the tourists who want to see a collection of relics of antiquity, especially in the form of historical objects related to the Kings of the Mangkunegaran. In addition the Pura Mangkunegaran currently for ceremony and dance Beksan. Historical tourism in Solo has also become one of the attraction for tourists because it has a unique tempo building used to be.

Solo city as urban tourism in addition to presenting a very nice Solo tours also offers a wide range of cultural events and tours very dancing to be seen. Cultural event held yearly in Solo for example Sekaten, Procession Keo Bule and also Solo Batik Carnival.

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