10 tourist places most beautiful in Pontianak

List of attractions in Pontianak, the most beautiful sight you visit. Pontianak is an area that is famous for its khatulistiwanya line that divides the region its territory into two imaginary lines.

Pontianak is the capital of West Kalimantan, which is traversed by two major rivers namely the Kapuas River and Porcupine River. Not only is famous with the name of the town of Equatoria, who would have thought Vampires also has other potential tourist attractions.

pontianak city

The existence of this tour to make tours in Pontianak began a revival by various travelers. Well for this time we will discuss about 10 tourist attractions in Pontianak which are most dear to miss it.

10 tourist places most beautiful in Pontianak which not many people know
1. A long sand beach
A Long sand beach has a beach with white sand and crystal clear water so the color colored bluish with rows of neatly lined trees. Tourist spots in Pontianak is located in Seventeen or is about 17 km from Singkawang.
On the long sand beaches, we can enjoy a variety of activities can be like swimming, surfing, play volleyball ditepi Beach, or fishing.

2. Garden square Kapuas
In addition functioned as a water transportation, the Kapuas River also functioned as family recreation area, charming and beautiful. Tourist spots in Pontianak is located in front of the Pontianak Mayor’s Office. This tour that visits a lot in the afternoon and the evening because we will be presented by the sparkling lights of menwan that exists around the Garden square. The Park has an area of 3 hectares of which is equipped with a replica of the Monument at each of its corners.

3. Home Betang Radakng
Home is a place of tourist Radakng Betang in Pontianak which has the attraction of such a replica rumah adat Dayak in Kalimantan Barat. These sights recorded ever grabbed a record muri a very impressive especially for the citizens of Pontianak. Home Radakng Betang is custom homes in Indonesia, because it has the longest length is 138 meters, 5 meters wide, and with a height of about 7 meters. Custom House is divided into 3 main sections, namely, the front porch, breezeway to gather family, and sleep for personal interests of each family member.

4. Aloe Vera Center
Aloe Vera is the Center of attractions in Pontianak were used as a place of cultivation of Aloe Vera. It is set in the streets of Budi Utomo, florist¬†Pontianak. When he wanted to visit, we have to depart from the terminal the Kapuas first ride angkot Siatan downstream. While it’s been until we could see the huge variety of Aloe Vera by weight 1.0 kg perpelepah reach.
In addition to seeing the variety of Aloe Vera, we can enjoy a variety of activities such as looking at the manufacture of processed Aloe Vera into candy, dodol, and various flavored flour. In addition to being used for food resources, this plant can be used for cream on the skin and hair.

5. Monument
Monument is a monument which is about 3 km from the Centre of the city of Pontianak are now becoming one of pride for the citizens of Pontianak. In tourist spots in Pontianak, we could see a wooden pillar 4 diamonds and 2 rear pillar of which is higher than the front. On the back there are writings EVENER. This monument serves a wide range of information about the equator.

6. Sinka Island Park
Sinka Island Park are tourist attractions combined with recreational park located in the Bay of Ma’jantuh, Singkawang. In tourist spots in Pontianak, we could see the collections from the Zoo, the beauty of the beach, and swim in the pool. One of them is the Zoo Sinka is a mini zoo with a collection of about 200 animals animal tails
If we want to enjoy the beach, we just need to go to the beach Banjau. However, this beach is not suitable for swimming because of the beach comes from the sharp rocks.

7. Taman Bukit Bougenville
Taman Bukit Bougenville is a Pontianak’s sights on domination by floor 8. Bougenville or flower paper is the most popular flowers in the world. Flower garden is located in the village of Sijangkung or it is about 6 km from the administrative center of Singkawang. Because it was in hills behind Mount fitting, so it is not surprising if these sights surrounded by forests and plantations which is cool.
8. Museum of West Kalimantan
A very historic sights located in Jendral Ahmad Yani, the city of Pontianak. The Museum has three zones have a collection. Starting from relics artifacts from West Kalimantan, processed objects, art craft and the original culture of the Dayak tribe, to a wide range of ceramics from China. The building outside the museum is a small park that has a wooden bridge which is usually made to the arena to take pictures for visitors who visit.

9. The mosque Jami Pontianak
Other names of the tourist spots in Pontianak this is the mosque of Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman who were witnesses of the origins of the city of Pontianak along with its accompanying Royal Palace. The buildings are owned from the roof of the mosque is a four story building. While on the four pillars of the main proof made from wood with a diameter of about 0.5 metres. This large mosque capable of accommodating approximately 1,500 people. Masjid Jami Pontianak is located not far from the Palace is around 200 meters Kadriah. In the mosque, we could see a wide range of traditional markets that are on the left side of the entrance to the mosque.

10. Tomb Stone Overpass Sultanate
Tourist spots in Pontianak last that we will discuss is the presence of complex of sultan of Pontianak seven funerals and his family. The main Tomb, which provided the mascot here is the tomb of Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie that his grave is in the middle of the complex resembles a small bunker. To get into the area of the sultan’s funeral, we must merundukkan head. It is not without reason, as this symbol as a tribute to the sultan.

In addition, the capital and especially in Pontianak Barar Kalimantan is one of the nautical tourism centre in Kalimantan. In this place we can enjoy the beauty of unspoiled beaches without human intervention. One of the famous yantg beach is a long sand beach that is very well known abroad and domestically.

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