Robert Brewer for District Attorney


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Join us in supporting Robert Brewer for

San Diego District Attorney.

Law Enforcement Endorsements

Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County (DSASD)

San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA)

San Diego County Probation Officer’s Association (SDCPOA)

Carlsbad Police Officers’ Association (CPOA)

Chula Vista Police Officers’ Association (CVPOA)

Coronado Police Officers Association (COPOA)

El Cajon Police Officers’ Association (ECPOA)

Escondido Police Officers’ Association (EPOA)

La Mesa Police Officers Association (LMPOA)

Oceanside Police Officers’ Association (OPOA)

San Diego Harbor Police Officers Association (SDHPOA)

San Diego Schools Police Officers Association (SDSPOA)

Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)

State Coalition of Probation Organizations (SCOPO)

Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement (SCALE)

California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)

Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL)

California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP)

San Diego County Court Employees Association (SDCCEA)

Deputy City Attorneys Association of San Diego

Cornerstone Coalition for Justice  (Political Action Committee of the San Diego County Court Employees Association)

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Former California Prosecutorial Agency Leaders 

George Deukmejian, Former California Governor and Attorney General 

John Van de Kamp, Former California Attorney General and Los Angeles District Attorney

Steve Cooley, Former District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Robert Philibosian, Former District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Former Deputy District Attorneys

Laura Akers
Mara Allard
Stephen R. Anear
Kris Anton
Chandra Appell
Bill Collins
Gloria Collins
Pat Dixon
Adam Gordon
Randy S. Grossman
Kim-Thoa Hoang
C. Bradley Hallen
William Darrell Holman
Jo Kiernan
Marty Martins
Denise McGuire
Paul Morley
Colin H. Murray
Patricia O’Mara
Robert C. Phillips
Bruce Smith
Joan Knothe Stein
A. David Stutz


“I was a Deputy District Attorney for the County of San Diego for 30 years.  As such, I worked under three District Attorney administrations.  During the administration of Bonnie Dumanis, I saw a once fine organization fall to mediocrity.  This was principally due to the internal office politics and cronyism fostered by Dumanis and those she appointed to positions of authority.  As can be seen by the law enforcement organizations’ endorsements, she is not trusted by them to honestly and effectively lead the office and partner with them in the fight against crime.  Bob Brewer is an experienced prosecutor and trial attorney.  His military service and his accomplishments in the legal field are exemplary.  He is a man of integrity and he possesses the skills and insight to put the D.A.’s office back on track.  That is why I am casting my vote for Robert Brewer for District Attorney.”

Stephen R. Anear

"I was a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County from 1993-2008. I am happy to join my former colleagues and mentors/supervisors in endorsing Bob Brewer for District Attorney. The office needs someone at the top who has long-standing, proven effectiveness as a trial attorney active in the courtrooms of this county where the sleeves roll up and the heavy lifting is done and where there can be no success without credibility. When I was hired, trial work was esteemed and valued as a necessary part of the machine. This has not been the case in recent years. The lack of appreciation for trial work at the top naturally results in lower trial statistics, a lower number of felony convictions, an increase in plea deals to lesser charges, lower sentences, and an overall weakening of the law. In the end the community is put at risk. Bob Brewer as a respected courtroom advocate has the leadership capabilities necessary to return DA’s office in San Diego County to the pre-eminent status that it once enjoyed."

Mara Allard


“Bob is without question one of the most powerful and effective courtroom advocates I have ever seen.”

Colin H. Murray


“I am proud to support Robert Brewer for District Attorney and salute his courage in deciding to run. The People of the County of San Diego deserve a highly competent, forthright, and ethical district attorney whose sole motivation is to do justice and whose only aspiration is to do the right thing in any given case. Bob Brewer will make such a D.A. and will foster a top-down culture of pure pursuit of justice devoid of any personal or political agenda.”

Kim-Thoa Hoang


“I served with the 2 previous DAs and, after she was elected, Dumanis appointed me to be in charge of all political violations.  In a short period of time it became apparent she was using the office for her own political gain and not the public good.  I retired rather than watch her destroy a great office and she has continued to abuse the office for her own personal benefit.  Bob Brewer will return the office to what it once was before she ruined it.”

A. David Stutz


San Diego badly needs a District Attorney who views the office as something more than a political steppingstone.  I believe that Bob Brewer would base his prosecutorial decisions purely on the merits of each case.  He would run the Office more efficiently and equitably than it has been over the last 10 plus years.  I heartily urge a vote for Bob Brewer for District Attorney.”

Paul Morley


“I’m endorsing Robert S. Brewer for the office of San Diego County District Attorney in the upcoming June, 2014, election. I didn’t make this decision lightly. It comes only after having discussed the many problems within the Office with a number of current and former deputy prosecutors and investigators. I’ve also investigated Bob Brewer’s qualifications for the job and have talked with him a number of times about his hopes and aspirations for the Office. I’ve found Mr. Brewer’s qualifications to be impeccable, his honesty and integrity to be irreproachable, his motives to be pure, and his plans for the Office to encompass ideas and proposed changes that are sorely needed. For these reasons and many more, Robert Brewer has my support and endorsement for election to the important position of the next San Diego County District Attorney.”

Robert C. Phillips


“It’s well past time for change in the Office of District Attorney.  Bob Brewer is the kind of person and lawyer who will restore to the Office honesty, integrity and effective, objective advocacy in the search for justice.  These are values the people should expect in their District Attorney.  He has my full confidence and endorsement.”

Jo Kiernan


“As a retired Deputy District Attorney and someone who has known Bob for years, I am most happy to endorse Bob’s run for office.  He is an outstanding lawyer whose character for honesty is above reproach.  San Diego needs Bob.”

William Darrell Holman


“I was a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County for eight years, and I have worked with Bob Brewer as his law partner for almost a decade. Bob is unquestionably the best candidate to be our District Attorney. He is the most ethical, hard working, and skilled trial lawyer I have ever known. Bob is also a dynamic and supportive leader who has managed numerous prosecutors and lawyers in private practice for more than 30 years. I am very proud to be Bob’s friend and colleague, and I enthusiastically endorse him for the office of San Diego County District Attorney.”

Randy S. Grossman


“As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney for the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, I am proud to join hundreds of local law enforcement officers in endorsing Robert Brewer for District Attorney.

I was hired by District Attorney Edwin L. Miller, Jr., over 30 years ago to work in a office then nationally known as one of the best and most professional in the country. Mr. Miller avoided political gamesmanship. Impartiality and objectiveness in handling cases was the professional norm during his tenure.

Today much of that legacy is gone. Politics and power are now the critical factors determining day-to-day operations. Employee morale has been declining steadily. It is time for new leadership to bring back professionalism to the Office of the District Attorney. I’ve known Bob Brewer for over 30 years. He has a long and exceptional history of legal accomplishments in both the public sector and private practice. He seeks to become D.A to serve the public, not to build a power base. I’m confident Bob Brewer is the right person to lead the Office and will be a great District Attorney for San Diego.”

Denise McGuire


Endorsed by Four Former U.S. Attorneys for the Southern District of California

William Braniff
Peter Nunez
Gregory Vega
Karen Hewitt


Individual Endorsements

Jim Abbott
Eric Acker
Lynette Adams
Mark F. Adams
Laura E. Akers
Lawrence Alessio
Olga Alexeeva-Baker
Mara Allard
John R. Allender
Ruth Allsbrook
Steven G. Amundson
Maxwell Anastopulos
Mark Andrews
Stephen R. Anear
Wanda Anear
Kris Anton
Chandra Appell
Louis J. Appell, III
Ricardo Arias
Gideon Ariel
Ann Ariel
Hon. Maria Teresa Arroyo (Ret.)
Jim Asperger
Michael Attanasio
Lorens Attisha
Dan Bacalski
Christine Baker
Mark H. Baker
Bruce Bailey
John A. Bailey
Lourdes G. Baird
Robert Bardin
Debra Barkley
Vince Bartolotta
David Bavencoff, Jr.
George Beall
J. Keith Behner
Robert J. Bell
Daniel Scott Belsky
Richard Benes
Richard Benveniste
Mary Berend
Larry D. Berent
Rick Bergstrom
Richard Berkon
Terri Best
Sanjay Bhandari
Nancy J. Bickford
George F. Bird, Jr.
Melissa Bobrow
William Boggs
Robert C. Bonner
Robert Borthwick
Steven Boudreau
Nicholas Boylan
Michael F. Boyle
William A. Bramley
William Braniff
John Brannelly
Jonathan Brenner
David A. Brewer
Brad D. Brian
Cheryl L. W. Brierton
David S. Bright
Daniel Broderick
Robert L. Brosio
Janice Brown
Gary R. Bryant
Aaron Buckley
Robert L. Budman
Robert Buell
Gary Burcham
Michael E. Burke
Phil Burkhardt
Malin Burnham
Jacqueline A. Busch
Doug Butz
William J. Caldarelli
Victor Calise
John Campbell
Jerry Cannon
Tod Cardiff
Joyce Carlin
Carlos Carriedo
Candace Carroll
Judy Clarke
Matt Clay
Deana Carter
Ed Chapin
Sam Charry
Nancy Chase
Javade Chaudri
Elizabeth Smith Chavez
Wendy Cheung
Judge Dennis S. Choate (Ret.)
Joseph D. Civitate, Sr.
Kathy Clark
Ron Clark
John J. Cleary
Sabina Clorfeine
Christina Coates
Linda Coates
Hon. Robert C. Coates (Ret.)
Robert A. Cocchia
Robert B. Coffin
Michael J. Coffino
John Colello
Harold Coleman, Jr.
Gloria Collins
William Collins
Steven J. Cologne
Mario Conte
C. Dan Conaway
Joanne Conway
Andrew Cook
Philip E. Cook
Shannon K. Cooley
Peter Cooper
Jada Corbett
Robert L. Corbin
Terry R. Corbin
Miles Cortez
Jerry Coughlan
Leslie Coughlan
Patrick J. Coughlin
E. Hodge Crabtree
Christine L. Cunningham
James Cunningham
John Cunningham
Scott Dale
John F. Damiani
Lisa J. Damiani
Laura D'Auri
Aaron DeGroot
Bert Deixler
Mark DeMichele
Leslie Devaney
Charles Dick
Pat Dixon
Michael Doherty
Mark Doscher
William Dougherty
Richard E. Drooyan
Mike Duckor
Charles Duke
James C. Duncan
John Dunn
Jess Durfee
Paul Duvall
Phillip Dyson
Carol East
Admiral Leon A. (Bud) Edney, Ret.
Jerome Eggers
John Patrick Elsevier
William Encinas
Capt. John Ensch, USN (Ret.)
Stuart M. Eppsteiner
Melissa Exarhos
Keith Fargo
Stephen A. Farley
Douglas Farry
Daniel Felts
Dave Ferguson
Jami L. Ferrara
Charles H. Field, Jr.
Howard Finkelstein
James R. Finnerty
Cathleen Fitch
Ken Fitzgerald
Mark Fleming
Hon. Paul G. Flynn
Blue Fogg
Holly Frank
Howard Frank
Guy Freeborn
Michael Freemont
John Freni
Frederick D. Friedman
Donna Frye
Don T. Fryer
Koji Fukumura
Ian Fusselman
E. Patrick Gallagher
Ray Galindo
Robert A. Garcia
Brian Garmo
Hani Garmo
Marco Garmo
Cynthia P. Garrett
D. Anthony Gaston
Angelyn Gates
David Gay
David B. Geerdes
Steven Geise
Jay Gelbart
Marc B. Geller
Anton Gerschler
Burton Gershater
Philip J. Giacinti
John Gibbons
Tom Gildred
Michael Giorgino
Mark Gold
Peter Goldberger
Ronald E. Goldman
John Gomez
Daniel J. Gonzalez
Hon. Irma E. Gonzalez (Ret.)
Hon. James P. Gray, (Ret.)
Charles Grebing
David Greeley
Michael Green
Robert Grimes
Cynthia A. Grimm
James Gripp
Rick Griswold
Dawn Grossman
Randy S. Grossman
Bill Grauer
Al Guerin
Christy Guerin
W. Kevin Haggerty
Leo Hamel
Colin Hampson
Sylvia Hampton
Jordon Harlan
Julie Harlan
Marc Harris
Christopher Hayes
Curtis A. Hazell
Barton Hegeler
Lee E. Hejmanowski
Brian J. Hennigan
Howell K. Henry, Jr.
Michael Hercz
Brian Hershman
Karen Hewitt
Tyler Hicks
Craig Higgs
Donald F. Hildre
Ann Hill
Michael Hill
Kim-Thoa Hoang
Mike Hoeck
David M. Hoffman
Hon. Herbert Hoffman, Ret.
Tom Holliday
William Holman
David Hovley
George Howard
Valentine Hoy
James Hritz
Marjorie Hritz
Ingrid Hubachek
Steve Hubachek
Larry Huerta
Bill Hughes
Peter Hughes
Christian Humphreys
Barbara Hunter
Yousaf Husain
Ross Hyslop
John S. Ingalls
David Inmon
Rachel Inmon
Craig Irving
Jeffrey Isaacs
Alan Jackson
Nancy B. James
Jason Jameson
Maria Jameson
Dean T. Janis
John Jellinick
Peter Jensen
Arthur Johnson 
Mark A. Johnson
Pamela Johnston
Kathleen Murphy Jones
J. Randall Jones
Susan D. Jones
John M. Kaheny
Sharon Kalemkiarian
Steven S. Kane
Perrin Kaplan
Stacy Kartchner
Randall E. Kay
John F. “Jack” Keller
Nancy G. Kendall
Cheryl Kendrick Mike Kirby
Rafid Kiti
Michael Kocherga
Barbara Kozlowski
Alex Kwoka
Raymond L. Lamontagne
Jennifer Landry
Samantha LaPine
Lynn Lasry
James Lasswell
Robert J. Lauchlan
Anthony R. Laureti
Patricia Leahy
James Legler
Todd E. Leigh
John Lemon
Carolyn Lennon
Patrick Lennon
John L’Estrange
Joe Leventhal
Jeffrey A. LeVee
Darren Levine
Michael Levinson
Jeff Lewin
David Lichtenstein
Mark N. Light
Charles LiMandri
Mike Lipman
John Little
Juan Lopez
Zandra Lopez
Stuart Lee Lourie
William M. Low
David Lundin
Tom Luneau
Warner C. Lusardi
John A. Lyddon
Kathryn M. Maddox
Laurie Madigan
David Malcolm
Deborah M. Malloy
Penni Mangan
James S. Marinos
Richard Marmaro
Karen M. Martin
A. Howard Matz
Laura Marran
Marty Martins
Ian Mausner
Mieka McCarthy
Craig McClellan
Susan McClellan
Elizabeth C. McClendon
Scott McClendon
Kathleen McCormick
Lawrence McDonald
James McElroy
Donald McGrath II
Pat McGrath
Michael McGuinness
Denise McGuire
Monty McIntyre
Gerald McMahon
Kevin McNamara
Ray Mercado
Mark Mercer
Stacy Meronoff
Guadalupe J. Meza
Carl D. Michel
Joseph Milchen
Barbara Miller
Stephen D. Miller
Tom Miller
Dan Minteer
Dan Mogin
Brian Dennis Sean Monaghan
John Moot
Paul Morley
Enrique Morones
Garnette Morrison
Joel G. Morrison
Timothy Morton
Doug Murphy
Paul C. Murphy, M.D.
Charles L. Murray, III
Colin H. Murray
Fred Muto
Lynn Muto
Richard Nance
Carla Nasoff
Mike Neil
Robert M. Newell, Jr.
Ronald J. Nessim
Trudy Nielsen
Daniel V. Nixon
Neil Nydegger
J. Robert O’Connor III
Lisa Ogle
Cynthia Olmstead
George Olmstead
Patricia O’Mara
Edward O'Neill
Richard Opper
Gary W. Osborne
Hon. Leo Papas, Ret.
Abigail Parente
Virginia Partridge
Bill Pate
William C. Pate
Danielle R. Peay
Zack Pennington
Charles Pereyra-Suarez
Hector C. Perez
Roger Perkins
Tim Pestotnik
Daniel C. Peterson
Donna Peterson
Bob Petrachek
William Pettersen
Robert Philibosian
Laurence R. Phillips
Robert C. Phillips
Larry R. Pilot
Paul Pitingaro
Michael Plummer
Jim Pokorny
Frank Polek
Ken Polin
Greg Post
Katie Pothier
Gail Powell
John Pozza
Dan Prasad
Bonnie Burns Price, Ph.D
Tricia Pummill
Kevin F. Quinn
Wayne Raffesberger
Tammy Rampone
Victor Ramsauer
Kelly Rand
Brian A. Rawers
Charles W. Rees, Jr.
Jeff Reichert
Katheryn Rhodes
Lisa Richards
Robert Richley
James A. Roberts
Paul Robinson
Robert Rose
Henry Rossbacher
Anne L. Rosser
Deborah Ruane
Jilien J. Rubin
Erwin W. Rugendorff
Karen Rugendorff
Mike Runnels
Cynthia G. Rushing
Don G. Rushing
Robert Russell
Keith Rutman
Ted Rutter
Paul A. Sager
Eduardo Sanchez
Francisco J. Sanchez, Jr.
James G. Sandler
Mary Sapper
William J. Sayers
Linda Savitz
Pete Savitz
Alex Schack
Steve Schelkun, M.D.
Susan Schelkun
John B. Scherling
Craig Schloss
Merle Schneidewind
Dennis Schoville
Theodore Scott
Matthew Semmer
Robert Semmer
Dick A. Semerdjian
Gino D. Serpe
Larry Serra
Tom Sharkey
Adriana Shayota
Amanda Shayota
Joseph Shayota
Michael Shayota
Steven G. Shea
Lawrence W. Shea, II
Bruce P. Shepherd
Daniel R. Shinoff
Len Simon
Tony Sinclitico
Terry Singleton
Bruce Smith
Jack Smith
Leslie Branman Smith
Matt Smith
Sally Smith
Jimmie Sober
Richard R. Sooy
John R. Sorensen
Astrid Spain
Elizabeth Speck
Nancy Stagg
Karla Stanford
Kellen Stanford
Joan Knothe Stein
Fern Steiner
Capt. Dan Stinemates, USN, Ret.
Hon. Lawrence Stirling (Ret.)
Linda Stouffer
Steve Strauss
Dave Stutz
Sidney A. Stutz
Leo Sullivan
James C. Sullivan
CAPT Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III
Howard Susman
Denise Swafford
Pat Swan
Susan Swan
Tamara Swenson
Steve Swinton
Jimmy Tabb
Steve Alan Tanner
Al Tarvyd
Masood Tayebi
Surinder Tayebi
Grant Teeple
Grant R. Telfer
Philip Tencer
Jessica Thaete
Melody Thornton
David Van Til
Mitsuo Tomita
Victor Torres
Donald P. Tremblay
Maurile Tremblay
Erin Trenda
Mark Troy
Bill Tubis
Kenneth C. Turek
Thomas William Turner, Jr.
Timothy W. Tuttle
John Tyre
Bill Van de Weghe
Robert F. Vaage
Manuel Valdez
Lawrence V. Valente
Michael D. Van Loy
John D. Vandevelde
Frank T. Vecchione
Gregory A. Vega
Lilia Velasquez
Natalie C. Venezia
Judith A. Verbanets
Reg Vitek
Ed Walton
Peter Ward
Jeremy D. Warren
Stefanie Warren
Tom Warwick
David W. Watt
Brett Weaver
Mike Weaver
Valerie Weaver
Alan J. Weil
Fred Weitzen
Steven B. Weitzen
R. Clayton Welch
Paul Whisenhand
Jacquelyn Whitaker
Dan White
Mhairi L. Whitton
Colin W. Wied
Howard B. Wiener
Joan C. Wiener
James Wilburn
Philip C. Wilkinson
Lesa Wilson
Abby Wolfsheimer
Chris W. "Doc" Woods
Archie Wright
Kirk L. Wright
RADM Gar Wright, USN (Ret.)
George Young
Meryl Young
Deval Zaveri
Mark Zebrowski
Robert Zeps
Aaron Zigman
Julie Zimmerman

What They are Saying

”Brewer has the personal and professional experience that makes him ideally suited to be the District Attorney for San Diego County.  A decorated combat veteran, accomplished former prosecutor as a deputy District Attorney and assistant U.S. Attorney, and premier civil and criminal defense lawyer, Bob brings a wealth of experience necessary to lead San Diego’s largest law firm.  His leadership skills, management abilities and relentless pursuit of excellence will enable Bob to serve the people of San Diego County in an exemplary manner.”

Edward D. Chapin


“It’s time for a change at the San Diego DA’s Office.  New blood is needed at the top—and Bob Brewer has the intelligence, background, and independence to make a great DA.  Bob worked with me when I was LA County DA—and  was regarded as one our best and brightest—and throughout his career has maintained the highest standards of integrity and fairness.  Bob  knows San Diego—and will bring a breath of fresh air to the office.”  
John Van de Kamp
Former California Attorney General and LA District Attorney
“Bob Brewer’s word is his bond.  He is honest, fair and dedicated to the highest principles of justice.  I heartily endorse Bob Brewer for District Attorney.”

     Mark F. Adams

"It is time the city embrace a District Attorney of Bob Brewer’s knowledge, spirit and dedication.  What an opportunity we as a city have in electing Bob as our next DA."

                                                                                                                                                Robert Richley


“I agree with the comments made by the retired deputy district attorneys, the current workers and the vast majority of law enforcement in that it is time for a change in the office.  Robert Brewer is well qualified and a man of integrity.  He will bring about the changes so many of us seek.”

     Kelly Rand


“Robert Brewer will absolutely have my vote for District Attorney.  He is intelligent, extremely hard working and, above all else, one of the most ethical people I have known.  He will be extremely dedicated to the people of San Diego and the office of the District Attorney.”

    Robert A. Cocchia  


“Bob Brewer will make an outstanding District Attorney. Like Bob Brewer, I also served as a federal prosecutor for many years. I also was selected to follow Bonnie Dumanis as a Juvenile Court Referee in Juvenile Court and took over her caseload and courtroom. Based on my personal experience with both candidates, and having personally observed their handling of legal matters and decisions, I believe I am in a unique position to say that the choice is CLEAR. I am voting for Bob Brewer.”

Hon. Maria Teresa Arroyo (Ret.)


“Bob is known to be very skilled in the courtroom and also has the top-flight administrative skills needed to manage a large public law office.  His ethics are beyond question, and he is a largely apolitical person who simply believes in public service.”

Candace M. Carroll


“Bob Brewer is a model of professionalism and courage.  His integrity and commitment to public service will protect us.”

               Charles H. Dick, Jr.
Attorney at Law
“Please continue to vigorously work for change at the DA’s Office. Those of us who are still here, and cannot publicly speak for fear of retaliation, thank you.”

Deputy District Attorney
"Bob is solid, skilled, highly experienced and I have confidence in him."
Nicholas Boylan

"I retired after 30 years as a prosecutor in the San Diego District Attorney’s and City Attorney’s Offices.  I handled two cases where the defendants were represented by Mr. Brewer.  He is a very capable and professional attorney and an expert in white collar crime.  Mr. Brewer will be an excellent district attorney."

                                                                                                                                                Tricia Pummill




"If first impressions mean anything, you will be impressed when you meet Mr. Brewer or hear him speak.  I consider myself fortunate to have been able to meet and hear his story about the trial and conviction Mr. Brewer led in a major espionage case.  He is a decorate veteran and San Diego should be honored that he is willing to serve our community as our DA.  Thank you, Robert, for stepping up!"

                                                                                                                                                Tim Morton
                                                                                                                                            Native San Diegan
                                                                                                                                                CEO, Westland Financial Services, Inc. 




"If it is important to you that San Diego have a competent person of honor and decency in the position of DA, Bob Brewer is the only choice!"

                                                                                                                                                Chris W. “Doc” Wood


“Our endorsements are given much consideration and demonstrate that you have proven to be a leader we can count on to represent us and our communities.”

Linda LeGerrette

President San Diego Unity League


“As a Certified Family Law Specialist, I know how important it is to have a District Attorney who cares about children and families, and will work to protect victims of domestic violence.  Bob has the “heart” for this task, and the leadership skills necessary to inspire the office to work every day to prosecute individuals who commit such crimes, and work with law enforcement and the community to prevent family violence.”
     Sharon Kalemkiarian
“We need a person who’s fair to everyone.  Robert Brewer is that person!”
     Robert A. Garcia
“Bob Brewer will bring the highest degree of integrity, fairness, character and ethical leadership to the District Attorney’s office.  He is committed to rebuilding and rejuvenating San Diego’s reputation as “America’s finest city”.”
          RADM Gar Wright, USN (Ret.)

“Bob Brewer’s background, experience and temperament make him an ideal candidate for District Attorney.  He is universally trusted and respected by his colleagues in the legal community.  I enthusiastically endorse him for this office.”

     Gary W. Osborne
“I think Bob Brewer would be an excellent District Attorney.”
     Leslie Branman Smith

“Bob is without question one of the most powerful and effective courtroom advocates I have ever seen.”

Colin H. Murray
Baker & McKenzie




“I retired in March 2013 as Assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles County after a 37 year career in the District Attorney’s office. I know an accomplished prosecutor when I see one. Robert is the best of the best.  I am proud he is my friend. Robert will be a great District Attorney for the people of San Diego County.”

Patrick Dixon
Retired Assistant District Attorney, Los Angeles


“When it comes to Bob Brewer, the people of San Diego can be assured of this:  he is beyond reproach, dedicated to the core, uncommonly bright and tireless.  Whether you agree with him on every issue or not, you will always find him a person of uncompromising integrity deserving of universal respect.  He will be a dedicated public servant, and I have no doubt he will make the people of San Diego proud.”
     Michael J. Coffino
“I wholeheartedly support Robert Brewer for DA.  He is insightful, knowledgeable and hard-working.  San Diego would be lucky to have him as its DA.”
    Lisa J. Damiani
     The Damiani Law Group
“Although I do not now currently live in San Diego, I have a perspective on Bob (Robert) formed over 40 years of friendship.  Bob, as a highly decorated Captain in Special Forces in the top secret MACV SOG unit during the war in Vietnam, was universally regarded as one of the most capable and courageous officers in a unit of very capable and courageous people.  I have followed his career since then, watching as he tried and convicted many of the most dangerous criminals in our society, from contract killers to foreign spies to major dope dealers.  His absolute dedication to public service, impeccable integrity, and proven leadership in myriad situations makes him eminently capable of leading San Diego’s District Attorney’s office to a new level of competence and performance.  He is far and away the very best choice for your city.”
    E. Patrick Gallagher
     Thomson Reuters
"Bob is 'Law Enforcement's Choice' for a reason!"
Marco Garmo
“I happily endorse my old friend and Army Special Forces comrade Bob Brewer for San Diego County District Attorney. Bob has demonstrated throughout his highly decorated military career and very successful legal career the highest standards of courage and integrity.
With Bob Brewer as our District Attorney, we can be assured that the office will be carried out with strict attention to the law and not used as a political stepping stone while the crime rate in San Diego County rises at an alarming rate. We need a district attorney that is more concerned about the mounting list of victims than accumulating political chits for runs at future political offices.”
Superior Court Judge Lawrence Stirling (Retired)
“Bob Brewer is a dynamo and I know he would make a terrific D.A.”
   Robert J. Bell
“I’ve known Bob for more than 35 years.  His integrity, approachability, experience and dedication make him unquestionably what San Diego needs right now.  I do not often endorse candidates but this is one exception worth making!”
     Peter Goldberger
“Bob is a phenomenal lawyer and is an ideal candidate for DA.  We need more prosecutors with his depth of experience, fairness and common sense.”
     Michael Hercz

“I knew Robert Brewer when he was a great federal prosecutor.  He will be a great DA!”

     Hector C. Perez
“Bob is an outstanding attorney, good guy and will make an outstanding District Attorney.”
    Roger Perkins
“Bob was one of the first people I worked with on moving back to San Diego in 1990 and I know him to have a very strong work ethic and high level of integrity.  I have no doubt that he will make an excellent District Attorney for the County of San Diego.”
    R. Clayton Welch
“Bob is an American hero.  We trusted him to protect us and we should trust him to represent us.”
     Gideon Ariel, Ph.D. and Ann Ariel, Ph.D.
“Bob is a man of sterling integrity.”

Steven Boudreau



"I have known Bob by reputation for several years.  His ethics, judgment and raw "smarts" will be a breath of needed fresh air in the DA's Office.”  

David Lundin


"I have experienced first-hand the politicization of the current DA's office and look forward to a DA that puts safety and constituents ahead of politics.” 

Laurie Madigan


"Bob is an exceptional individual, passionately committed to serving. We met him in person and were inspired by his warmth and authenticity, and the strength of his values.  He will make an extraordinary District Attorney."

Jason Jameson


"I know Bob Brewer to be an honest man of great integrity who will work tirelessly as District Attorney.  It's time for a DA that puts public safety above politics."

 Tyler Hicks


"As a member of the only police officer's association in the county to not endorse any candidate, I, as an individual, endorse Mr. Brewer."

David Bavencoff, Jr. 


“It’s time to get partisan politics out of the local justice system and to restore integrity to the DA’s office.  The blacklisting of judges who disagree with the DA’s prosecutors is, to my mind, unconscionable and undermines the very foundations of jurisprudence.  It’s time for a change.  It’s time for Bob Brewer.”
Jim Abbott
“Put simply, I doubt there is a candidate more qualified for any particular elected position than Robert S. Brewer, Jr. for District Attorney of San Diego County.”
Mark H. Baker
“Bob is a highly ethical, effective and well-respected throughout the San Diego legal community.”
Sabina Clorfeine

“I have known Bob Brewer as a federal prosecutor, private attorney and friend since we worked together in the early 1980s when he was an Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles and I was an FBI Agent in the Los Angeles Field Office investigating white collar crime and civil rights violation cases.

Bob was among the elite federal prosecutors I worked with during my FBI career of 28 years.  He was a very competent, decisive, respected and fair-minded prosecutor with the highest degree of personal and progessional ethics, integrity and standards.
I’m confident that Bob has the requisite wisdom, knowledge, experience, character and leadership qualities to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the District Attorney for San Diego County in a highly honorable, professional and effective manner.”
John F. “Jack” Keller
     Special Agent, FBI (Retired)
     U.S. Air Force veteran
     Member, California State Bar
“There could be no more capable, committed, effective District Attorney than Bob Brewer.  He is the right person, at the right time, to take over this job.”
Gregory A. Post
“I have known and admired Bob Brewer for decades.  I could not be more pleased that Bob has chosen to serve San Diego as our District Attorney.  He is a superb trial lawyer and a man of unbending integrity.  We can count on Bob to selflessly serve our community in this important role.”
Don G. Rushing
“I have had the great privilege of knowing Mr. Brewer for over 30 years.  He is an outstanding individual who is the consummate professional who treats everyone he deals with with great respect and always is a person of tremendous integrity.  The County would be most fortunate to have Robert Brewer as District Attorney.”
Daniel R. Shinoff
“Bob Brewer is my USD Law School classmate and an American patriot, not to mention being the best lawyer I know.  He is a man of impeccable honor and integrity and would make an outstanding DA, for all the right reasons.”
Steve Alan Tanner


"Bob Brewer brings quality to and elevates the quality of every organization he gets involved with, be it a law firm, an attorney group, or a public service organization.  The quality, efficacy and public trust of the San Diego DA’s office would improve immeasurably with Bob Brewer at the helm."

                                                                                                                                                Christopher Hayes



"Bob Brewer will make a great DA for San Diego County."

                                                                                                                                                Dan Belsky          



"I have known Bob for over 20 years and, as a former prosecutor, I feel strongly that Bob has the experience and integrity to lead the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office."

                                                                                                                                                Barton Hegeler




"It’s time for a change, and time to de-politicize the Office of the District Attorney.  Bob Brewer is the breath of fresh air we need for a fresh start."

                                                                                                                                                Laura D’Auri


"Bob has the experience and vision to be our next DA.  I believe his campaign represents what San Diego really needs – a stronger emphasis on public safety without politics."

                                                                                                                                                Yousaf Husain 



"The District Attorney’s Office should not be a partisan office.  The current office is too partisan to trust with ensuring justice for everyone!  Robert Brewer will deliver equal justice to all, no matter what your views may be."

                                                                                                                                                Bonnie Burns Price, Ph.D.


"I look forward to having a District Attorney who has removed himself from the politics of the City and State.  I believe we can trust Bob and I admire his background both as a prosecutor and warrior!"

                                                                                                                                                James Lasswell


"As Vice President of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association and President of KIAC Inc., I support Bob Brewer for District Attorney.  Bob is highly respected and as an ethical and honest attorney he will serve our community well."

                                                                                                                                                Robert Kipper


“Having known Bob for more than 25 years, I can confidently endorse him as someone who epitomizes everything that a District Attorney should be.  His commitment, leadership, experience and genuine concern for doing things the right way are exactly what the office needs.  I enthusiastically support Bob’s campaign.”
Michael D. Van Loy, Ph.D.
“I have known and respected Bob Brewer for over 30 years.  He is a great lawyer.  He is honest and sincere in all that he does.  He lives for justice and service.  He will make a great District Attorney.”
Dan Minteer
“I have served 20 years in the military.  Our justice system will be better served under Bob’s leadership.”
CAPT Jeremiah J. Sullivan, III
“Bob Brewer’s keen intellect, dedication to public service, fairness and principled ethics assure he will be one of San Diego’s finest District Attorneys.”
Archie Wright
“I have had the privilege of knowing Bob for more than 35 years.  We served as fellow prosecutors in the office of the United States Attorney.  Bob was tough, fair, smart, prepared and a great leader of our office.  No candidate is better suited than Bob to hold the position of D.A. of San Diego County.  He will serve with distinction!”
Bert Deixler
“Bob is a brilliant litigator.  San Diego is lucky to have him.”
Timothy W. Tuttle
“San Diego badly needs a District Attorney who views the office as something more than a political steppingstone.  I believe that Bob Brewer would base his prosecutorial decisions purely on the merits of each case.  He would run the Office more efficiently and equitably than it has been over the last 10 plus years.  I heartily urge a vote for Bob Brewer for District Attorney.”
Paul Morley
“Bob Brewer is the right man at the right time.”
Maurile Tremblay
“The DA’s Office that I grew up as a prosecutor in and love has been degraded into an ineffective, political, and retaliatory bureaucratic machine, where the search for justice is often weighed against political outcomes.  We need a strong, ethical, and compassionate DA, one who truly understands and appreciates his deputies and their work-ethic and judgment, and does not just pay them lip-service.  Please continue to fight the good fight.  In due course, any of us who cannot currently openly voice our support for fear of retaliation, will rise to your side and do so.”
Deputy District Attorney


“Bob brings a degree of ethics and passion for justice without politics that is unmatched.”
     M. Clay
21-year law enforcement veteran


“We need some change.  Someone that will look out for the good of San Diego, for San Diego, and will strive for justice in all he does.”

     Michael Doherty

“In working closely with Bob Brewer over the years as his legal assistant, I have developed a high regard and respect for his character and his work ethic.  He is a charismatic, highly competent, extremely focused, and committed individual.  Under his outstanding leadership, and with his undeniable courage and discernment, the District Attorney’s Office will exceed San Diego’s expectations for professionalism and public safety – without politics.”

     Denise Swafford

“I have known Bob Brewer for 45 years, since our first year of law school.  All of  the endorsements I have read focus on his integrity what a good lawyer he is, and the value of his experience as a manager of lawyers (That is something they do not teach you in law school.)  No one has mentioned however his sense of humor, which is usually soft spoken and subtle.  This will serve him well as he deals with running the largest group of attorneys in the county.  I have not been in court with Bob, but I have played golf with him.  He is very good in a sport that takes patience, humility and concentration.  He keeps everyone in a positive mood, because that is who he is.  I am sure that Bob will make an outstanding and effective D.A.”

Ray Mercado

“I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and I support Robert Brewer.”
John (Jack) Smith
“Integrity and honesty are two words that come to mind when working with Bob.  Good luck.”
Carla Nasoff

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