Robert Brewer for District Attorney

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Biography of Robert Brewer

Robert Brewer’s background throughout his school, military, and legal careers has prepared him to be ideally suited to be San Diego County’s District Attorney.

Bob has been an active member of the San Diego community. He served on the Board of the San Diego Humane Society for seven years, has been a “puppy raiser” and donor with Canine Companions for Independence for eleven years, has been a Red Cross volunteer and, for the past nine years, has been a member of the Partnership Council of the San Diego American Cancer Society.

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As a candidate for District Attorney, my pledge to voters is that I will never seek any other office, I will never endorse political candidates, and I will never engage in partisan political activity.

Representing the people of San Diego County, I will seek to promote a culture in the District Attorney’s Office that honors ethics, professionalism, and impartiality, and holds as its highest priority protecting the safety and security of our citizens.

We live in a time when many citizens have become resigned to politics-as-usual. But in one area, the administration of our criminal justice system, we must never settle for politics-as-usual. The public’s respect and trust in this system are just too important.